Interview with Yahya Farid – The New Sensation of Pakistani Music!

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

Yahya Farid, the front man of XXI band who performed his famous rock anthem Taaray on Uth Record Season 2 is making headlines on the social media again. Radio has fallen in love with his songs thanks to Wes Malik from City FM 89 who regularly plays his music on his famed show Rush House while social media sites are abuzz with his name.

Interview with Yahya Farid - The New Sensation of Pakistani Music!

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Alveena Agha from Affairs Pakistan recently wrote on her blog that, “Yahya Farid is the utlimate answer to Ali Noor’s disappointment with Pakistani Music”. Yahya is certainly the find of the year and 2017 has been an excellent year for his music. He released his first album Mein Bolun earlier this year. While the release went silent, it gradually picked up and the album is now being termed as the next big thing after Suno Ke Mein Hun Jawana (Noori), Irtiqa (EP) and Jalpari (Jal/Atif Aslam).

Mein Bolun is definitely one heck of an album. At a time when musician have stopped releasing albums, Mein Bolun has come out as a surprise to music critics. It a bold effort with songs teeming with energy. While Coke Studio produces classical hits with mellow instrumentation, Mein Bolun is a slam on the music scene of Pakistan. The album kicks in with Mein Bolun and its heavy guitar and ends with a electronic dance beat track, Apni Dhun Mein. It targets the youth the way Noori and EP did once. The album breaks away from the stereotypes and is a big effort to bring back rock, raw and pure music.

Patari, Taazi and social media sites are witnessing more downloads and plays of Yahya’s songs while radio stations are getting request calls for his music. If people should be listening to music, it should definitely be Mein Bolun.

Interview with Yahya Farid - The New Sensation of Pakistani Music!

We sat down with Yahya to discuss in detail about his music and his future plans.

Q) Mein Bolun is finally out! How do you feel?

I feel super awesome looking at the generous response of music critics, fans, friends and family. I had not expected such a positive response. Everybody who has played on the album is happy with the results. The album is gradually picking up and the downloads have manifestly increased.

Q) Are you a solo artist now or does the band XXI still exist?

The band exist but it has become more of a super group with musician joining in for special projects and features. Naveed Masood has joined the band as a more regular member and you will see him and hear his guitars more on the album now. I am a solo artist yet in a band that is always ready to rock n roll!

Q) It has been 10 years yet no Coke Studio or Nescafe Basement appearance?

Coke was never a dream of mine honestly. I am product of early 2000’s when rock bands were beaming with energy and had worked their up through sheer hard work. Then corporate music sponsors were not present for everyone and the idea of big marketing gurus pushing you the ladder was not much common. I don’t mind being on Coke but I don’t think Coke is what I really want. I want to move up the ladder with my own work and by connecting with my fans by making honest music.

Q) Do you plan to act in films or dramas like other musicians? Almost all musicians act today.

See I am a corporate/criminal lawyer by profession and it has been five years that I have been working as a lawyer now. I love my legal profession and take it very seriously. Law takes most of my life and when I am free I try to make music. Acting is itself a full time career. I don’t see myself skipping my legal profession to act. I am foremost a musician and would want to remain so. I enjoy making music and connecting with my friends, fans and family with my songs. I see myself doing that forever!

Q) What are you future plans?

Music and a lot of music. I am a musician and i love making new songs. I use my music to say things that normally I cannot say. I express my feeling with writing them down in my songs. When I sing them, I got a license to say whatever I feel like saying. I sing from my heart and strive that my music is not a mechanical exercise. That’s why all my songs have a feeling in them. I am honest to my music and will always remain so.