Interview With Super Model Kinza Khan

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2016)

We have published interviews of many singers on our blog but today for very first time we are going to publish interview of a Pakistani model. Today we have a special guest with us on muzent who is not just a model but is also very talented artist. We are talking about the super model Kinza Khan.

Interview With Super Model Kinza Khan

So, now here we are going to publish exclusive interview of Kinza Khan on muzent for our loyal readers and her fans.

Q1: Welcome to
Ans: Thank You.
Q2: How are you and what’s going on now a days?
Ans: I am fine and now a days my focus is on my work and that’s modeling and acting. So, everything going on besides me is my work.
Q3: Let us know about you, your education etc?
Ans: Well if I talk about study then I am graduate but after doing graduation I came toward my passion.
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Q4: It was you’re passion to become model?
Ans: Yes, It was my passion so that’s why today I became which I wanted to be.
Q5: Who introduced you into industry?
Ans: No one introduced me but I made my own place in industry by introducing my self to industry and industry to my self.
Q6: Have you done any shoot or commercial yet?
Ans: Yes, I have done a lot of Photoshoots while also appeard for ramp walk etc on different fashion shows.
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Q7: What’s your planning for your future in showbiz industry?
Ans: I became model and now I am planning to become a super model/
Q8: Any person who helped you a lot in this field?
Ans: I will not tell the name but one of my friend helped me a lot.
Q9: Any message for new artists?
Ans: I want to convey a message to new comers that come by your own and do hard work and achieve big something big.
Q10: what will you say to your fans?
Ans: What I can say to my fans except You Guys Are Awesome and today I became what, is just because of you.

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