Interview With Bhangra Style Singer Sofia Kaif

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2015)

Interview With Bhangra Style Pakistani Singer Sofia KaifTill now we don’t have published any post about Music but today we are going to publish a post regarding this topic.

Sofia Kaif is new but very well known and talented female singer from Pakistan. Her style of singing is “Bhangra ” which is very rarely adopted by female singers of our country. She started singing in 2013 with her first underground song “Jee Le” and back in 2014 and 15 she released her two songs “Kuri Kanwari” and “Blade” respectively and her both songs got viral on facebook & hence increased her fan following on facebook in very less time.

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Recently she released her first cover song “Wada Raha” which is also gaining a lot of views and attracting people toward itself. Recently we have interviewed with her which we are going to publish.

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Interview With Sofia Kaif:

Q1: First of all we want to welcome you to

Ans: 🙂

Q2: Tell us something about your self like education, background etc…

Ans: As u know education is a very imp part of our life, well i’m studying in 3rd year(BSC).

Q3: How you manage your study with your musical career?

Ans: Its not that much difficult to manage two things at a time for me because music is my passion and education is my need.

Q4: Who inspired you to come in music?

Ans: Shreya Goshal

Q5: How you came in music industry?

Ans: Normally for a normal human being its very difficult to be in this field but my mothers supports  me a lot, that’s why today  I am
standing infront of you.

Q6: What was your first song?

Ans: Jee Le

Q7: What was your feeling when you recorded your first ever song?

Ans: Well I cant express my feelings. That moment was unforgettable. I was feeling that my dream came true and I was very much excited.

Q8: Who helped you most in your field? Like giving you advice about your music lyrics etc..

Ans: Offcourse my mother supports me in every step of ma life. And other than that many people supported me but i don’t want to mention their names right now.

Q7: Usually in new artists don’t grow their fan following but as you have enough number fans following whats magic behind this?

Ans: Well there are many reasons of my too much fan following. like some of them are people use to say i am cute, pretty and specially because of my unique style of singing. as there is no female singer who sings in bhangra style in Pakistan.

Q9: Whats your activities now days?

Ans: Ma activities now a days are I am focusing on my new project and other swimming, gym,  and i’m taking dance classes etc…

Q10:  Would you like to do any cover song like others singers do?

Ans: Yeah I want to, I have released my  first ever cover song (wada rha) so please have a look and do share it..

Q11: What will you say to your fans?

Ans: My fans are my strength and they are quite rocking. I just want them to stay the same, and keep showing their love and support.

Q12: Any message for new artists?

Ans: First of all make your goals then step by step try to  reach them. Specially in this field there are many ditchers so try to be safe from them and have faith in yourself.

So, it was interview with sofia kaif and I hope you will like this interview. In future we will try to contact many other artist and will have interview with them for our loyal readers. Till next post take care and watch the video of “Wada Raha” cover song by sofia kaif.



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