Inner Space (Mixtape) by Stray Dawg

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2016)

In his debut mixtape – Inner Space, the fourteen year old rapper, Stray Dawg takes you on the journey of the inner self. Every track is actually an artistic display of his views and feelings regarding both of the worlds ; the outer and the inner.

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Inner Space (Mixtape) by Stray Dawg
Stray Dawg attempts to weave strong meaningful lyrics into entertaining flows. Anger, confustion, fear and love expressed by subliminal and explicit bars make a true hip hop impression. The production of the mixtape is diverse – with a balance between old school and new school beats. Inner Space has been recorded at home studio of StrayDawg. The music production team includes LT, StrayDawg and DrAssenator. Stray Dawg has joined Dexter on Desi Jeez and Zaptek on Street Trash. Both artists have their own styles which is clearly exhibited in both of the tracks.

Title : Inner Space
Lyrics : Stray Dawg
Produced and co-Produced by : LT & Stray Dawg
Post Production : LT

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