Indian Underground OG November a.k.a Cash Kardz is back!

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

November a.k.a Cash Kardz is gonna be back with a bangin’ gamechanger in Hindi. The track is called ‘ZAMANA BOLE’. The beat produced by NGD, a renowned producer. Its an unique fusion, kinda experimental.

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Indian Underground OG November a.k.a Cash Kardz is back!
He is a well-known artiste in the underground. He has collaborated with Mumbais Finest, DIVINE etc. in the past.
One of the OGs, pioneers of the Mumbai Underground Hip Hop scene is now back with his crew ‘Vibe Dealers’ to school these wack rappers for good.

November a.k.a Cash Kardz

November been stacking up his ammo, along with his crewmate. As a result, we haven’t seen them dropping a lotta music off late.

Last we heard, Vibe Dealers on a mellow-vibe, Dr.Dre beat. This time we expectin’ nothin less than a banger!

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Watch his exclusive interview which will be out today – Stay tuned!
Teaser drops tomorrow, The release date will be announced along with the teaser.