Iltija by Zayn Zuhair Zahid speaks the ugly truth about ‘LOVE’

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

‘ILTIJA – ZAYN” is the latest track of Zayn Zuhair Zahid. This song speaks the ugly truth about ‘LOVE’. Every word, every line has a very deep meaning. Zayn wrote this song a few months ago when he saw people around him and he also faced ugly times, he realised what ‘love’ can do and how it treats a person.

He says “ishq koi kitab nahi per sabak iska b bhari hai, ishq kali hawa hai per bhoot subpay sawari hai, tari hai subpay iski moojh per ub kon kahay, kanch jaisay toota insan ki naas say jub khoon bahay,” He want to relate it with every single person so he decided to speak about it through his song. He also says “waqt thaam gaya jub teray sung gaya, geeli meeti mae main rang gaya, meray pass a kr dua tu kr, bakshish k lia meray darood tu parh” these lines are deep. This song is a story about ‘Love’ and its effect on people and their lives.

Zayn Zuhair Zahid has got skills and passionate about what he’s doing. He plays with the words and speaks everything through his songs. He’s is currently working on many projects and collaborating with other artists as well. He is purely the future of HIPHOP scene. Peace Out!

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