I Always Dreamed of Becoming an Actor : Zainab Raja

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

Today we have Zainab Raja (former miss veet) with us and here we are publishing her exclusive interview by which you will get to know a lot things about her journey of miss veet.

Zainab Raja Miss Veet

Q: Welcome To MuzEnt.
Ans: Thank You.
Q: How are You doing?
Ans: I’m great!
Q: Let us know about your journey of Miss Veet.
Ans: i am great my journey has been phenomenal since beginning. It has been an amazing journey so far.
Q: How was your experience with miss veet and how much hurdles you had to face during that time?
Ans: There were no as such such hurdles but Yes! I had competition with myself, I had to give my 100%. I faced a lot of my internal challenges mentally and if I talk about the hurdles then there were some phobias which I overcame like I was afraid of swimming but I got challenge to jump into the water and I did that. And once we had to do a photoshoot with python. Overcoming my own phobias was a really tough for me.

Zainab Raja Pic
Q: Who supported you from start of your career?
Ans: My mother supported me since day one and obviously my father also did but my mom’s support was a huge thing for me. My lil brother Hussain also supported me from start of my career.

Q: What are you planning in future? Silver screen or tv?
Ans: I don’t do future planning but I always dreamed of becoming and actor and right now I am living this dream. Whether it’s Televesion, Films, Advertisements, or whatever it is I think as far as I get a chance to act I will do it.

Q: Any advice for those girls who want to join field of modeling or showbiz?
Ans: Umm my advise for them is that they should take their support system before anything and their support system is their family. Because for Pakistani girls their family support is very important in every field whether you are doing any job, you are an actress. I heard from many girls they want to be in showbiz but their family don’t support them so first of all they should convince them because in start my family didn’t support me as well but today what I am is because of my family. If I never got back of my family I would not be doing anything in showbiz because if someone is doing such hardwork but family is not supporting then it’s all in vein. Family’s support is huge thing, it’s biggest encouragement ever.

Zainab Raja

My other advice for them is please please please work on your skills because everyone say he want to be an actor but none can become actor by watching movies. Acting is a thing which you learn in your whole and nobody can say that he learnt everything and now you can ask him to do anything. Nah every scene every shot is a challenge, everyday you learn new things.
Q: What do you want to say for your fans?
Ans: I would like to say please remember me in your prayers and make support as it’s.