Husst is Created on a Different Plot, a More Specific Niche: Mehmood Ali Siddiqui

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017)

Today here we are going to share the exclusive and indepth interview of an upcoming director, Mehmood A. Siddiqui who will make directorial debut with his upcoming movie Husst. So, here we go;

Husst is Created on a Different Plot, a More Specific Niche: Mehmood A. Siddiqui

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Q: First of all we want to say a warm welcome to you on our blog.

Ans: Thank you for such warm welcome Zaib, hope you are doing fine

Q: How are you doing?
Ans: ALHUMDULILLAH fine, as fresh as sunshine 🙂

Q: We heard about your upcoming movie? is it your directorial debut?
Ans: When it comes to a feature film, yes its my directorial debut. I have done several other productions and directions, and I do have a bunch of projects in pipeline but making a feature film is totally a different scenario and it needs a different rhythm, plot, temperament and way more patience. Watching a movie is entertainment, but making a film isn’t as entertaining as it sounds, trust me 🙂

Q: Please let us know something about the movie.
Ans: Husst is created on a different plot, a more specific niche, crime-thriller it is, with a slight touch of unforeseen and unexplainable events. It’s a story of a female investigative journalist who tries to uncover the story of a young missing woman. What does she get into shocks her.

Q: What’s the logic behind the name of your movie?
Ans: Husst (ہست) is a Persian word, its origin of the word “Hussti”. Story of this film revolve around a mysterious character, and we feel its existence wrapped all around us while we are watching the movie.

Q: What do you think how it will be different from other pakistani movies?

Ans: Yes it will be different as its first Pakistani movie that is being made on Hollywood filming and color grading techniques. Most of the Pakistani films now a days do not represent the true mood of the movie, even if its an action movie, it feels like you are part of a wedding event, seeing colors unnecessarily all around the screen. Proper color according to the mood of the movie is the key to create a lasting impression on audience. The story is another point that is really different. Its novel and unique, I have never witnessed any plot like this before. Editing of sequences will be another technical and aesthetic factor that are going to be different. Even in post production we are following technical excellence strictly, it doubles our hardwork and cost but it’s worth it.

Q: Tell us about the cast and who penned down the story?
Ans: Since it’s based on a true story, I wanted to create an impression that audience may feel as realistic as possible. I selected the cast myself, and i chose all new and unfamiliar faces deliberately. If you claim a story to be a true story, and audience see Shaan Shahid or Humayun Saeed or any well known face in the movie, they don’t feel even a fraction of realism and that doesn’t simply leave any impression. Fiction sells as fiction and reality sells as reality. You  cant sell reality with fiction.
The story is based on a true story and it all happened to one of my friends. Nida Ali is the one who has turned the concept into a plot and I wrote the screenplay myself.

Q: How long we have to wait for releasing?
Ans: We have completed 80% of filming, rest of 20% is likely to be completed by the second week of January 2018. Positive thing is that we have completed first edit of 50% of the film. So it will not take much time in post. I hope audience will be able to watch it in cinemas by the end of March 2018.

Q: Now please let us know about yourself? When did you decide to be the part of Pakistani film industry?
Ans: I spent a couple of years in banking, but since childhood i had a very strong vision about direction and filmmaking. ( Well i am not flattering myself, this is exactly what i am told). In my boyhood I used to identify mistakes in Hollywood movies and it really surprised people. But you know showbiz is not considered as a full time profession specially when you are a debutant. So I kept my dreams away for some time, but when I felt that I couldn’t hold it back any longer, and I could work a lot better than certain directors, I jumped right into it.

Q: Since you’re giving direction and story of husst is also written by yourself, so I would like to ask whether you got any professional diploma in these fields or it’s your inner talent?
Ans: I completed my filmmaking diploma from NYFA. It helped me a lot and introduced me to Hollywood techniques, that’s why i decided to implement those techniques in Pakistani Film Industry. Hollywood technology costs a fortune, and as you know that we do not have investors who can and want to invest this much, So I designed my own method that is capable of bringing Hollywood techniques in lower costs and it worked like a charm. When it comes to writing, as you know a writer isn’t taught, it is born. I used to write short movies and fiction in my childhood off and on, but i didn’t know at that time that it might help me crafting a story one day. So you may call writing part as talent more than learning.

Q: Besides husst what are your plans for future? would you like to get your hands on direction or will also write screen plays etc?
Ans: My plans about future are pretty obvious, I do have some direction projects in pipeline, a  drama serial, a couple of telefilms and a bunch of domestic and international music video projects are coming up in 2018 In Sha ALLAH. Yes, I would like to screenwrite if I would be directing that project, because I personally believe that a screenwriter and a director go hand in hand , and its really good if the director can manage to write his screenplay, the outcome would be amazingly synchronized and seamless.