I Am Hungry & Wanna Keep on Making Music: Fahad Yousaf [Interview]

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

In our previous article we talk about the comeback of Rebellious Antagonists, and today we are going to share the exclusive interview of Fahad Yousaf who is an active member of Rebellious Antagonists. So, here we go

I am hungry & Wanna Keep on Making Music: Fahad Yousaf [Interview]

Fahad Yousaf’s Exclusive Interview

Q1:  From a long time you didn’t release any track, and now you are making sudden comeback. Let us know about the story behind all this.

Ans: Well I moved to Australia to pursuit my career as a film maker and now I am doing bachelors of film which is why I was away from music this video was made last year but I did not felt like realising it cause I needed a break from music I needed to reevaluate myself as a person ive been caught up with some personal matters which was exploited which is why I just wanted some time on my own.

Now i am hungry I wanna keep on making music and this degree as a film maker is helping me a lot to make my dream come a reality so in near future you will see some proper stuff from our end

Q2: Tell us something about your upcoming track. Are you featuring someone in this song or not? Who is producing this track?

Ans: Our new track is a remix of  know me from by stormzy as I am highly inspired by grime music in UK so i wanted to make an Urdu Grime rap and this include me and Mr. Bloch although it will have a cameo of rap demon and zayn

Q3: Since you were vanished for a long time, what do you think your fans were waiting for you or not? Don’t you think this gap might have effected your fan following?

Ans: I dont have fans I have fam who have been there from the start. I dont think a break will effect my following as long as I have the content that people can relate man got built like that,  man will stick to that

Q4: What are your future plans? Any collaboration etc

Ans: Future seems bright ive got a few pending videos which will be released including a track that we did for fight fortresa which will be a MMA track featuring  rap demon aka abdullah malik

Q5: Would you like to reveal the name and releasing date of the track with us?

Ans: The track name is where do they know us from will be releasing it on 6 May