How to Use Facebook For Dating? 5 Proven Strategies!

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2016)

There is no doubt that Facebook is one the most famous social network around the world but do you know How to Use Facebook For Dating? Yes! it’s true because if people can use facebook for flirting and sometimes they also share their sadness on fb then it is also possible to date someone by using Facebook. In this article I am going to share 5 Proven Strategies by using which you will get to know that How to Use Facebook For Dating? Let’s go;


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How To Use Facebook For Dating?

Follow these below mentioned points if you really want to get a life partner on faebook and want to date her.

1: Fb is better than other dating sites:

What do you think you can find someone (any girl) on dating sites? Nope! If a girl is beautiful and have some sense then she will never use any dating sites if she wants to date someone. So, find her on facebook not anywhere else 😉

How to Use Facebook For Dating? 5 Proven Strategies!

2: Display Picture Says Everything:

Indeed, her DP (Display Picture) will help you out to choose best girl for you.

Aima Baig Smile Pictures

3: Check Relationship Status:

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If you liked a girl on facebook by watching her profile picture then the next recommend step is to check her relationship status whether she is single or not. If she is single then don’t wait and say your dil ki baat.

Check Relationship Status on Facebook


4: Send Her Friend Request:

After getting to know about her relationship status all you need to do is to send her friend request. There will be 70% chances for your friend request to be accepted (Agr apne apni profile picture dslr se bnayi ho). If she don’t accept your friend request then press the poke button 😉 If still she don’t accept then don’t become sad and hunt for the more beautiful girls and I am pretty sure at of the day you will find someone to date on facebook.

Send Her Friend Request on Facebook


5: Propose Her Gently:

It is the last and most important step if you really want to date any girl by using Facebook. So, you are going to propose her for date but wait for a second. Don’t say thing like “I really like you and I want to date you”, If you will say things like this then for sure you will be rejected but if you will say; “I’ve some strange feelings for you I think I’m in love with you and I can’t wait no more to see you”. First she will say I will think but then she will be agreed to date you.

Propose Any Girl on Facebook


So, in this article we have shared 5 Proven strategies by using which you will easily date any girl on facebook. If you find this article helpful then give it a share and don’t forget to tell about this to your best friend 😉