How To Start Your Career as A Singer in Pakistan?

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2016)

If you think that you got a good voice and you can also sing in a better way then there will be another question in your mind that How can you become singer? But you don’t know the answer? Now you don’t need to be worried because in this guide you will get to know that How To Start Your Career as A Singer in Pakistan?

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How To Start Your Career as A Singer in Pakistan
Pic Credits: Malaika Faisal

How To Become Singer in Pakistan?

This guide is consist of three main parts which are Learning, Starting, Distributing and I am pretty sure that if you will read this guide with care then you will become a successful singer.

This is the very basic and important thing but most of the new singers avoid this. In the past time people used to go to Ustaads like Baray Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan etc for learning music and singing but now a days scene is totally changed because now you can learn a lot of basic things from YouTube and if your mind is fast for adopting things then believe me you will never need to visit any music academy for learning.
I personally know some youngsters like Dr Assenator, Hamza which are producing things with their own efforts and they learned all of thing from youtube etc. I will force you to learn some basic things after which you can freely do anything which you want to do.

Since you are new in this field then your start should highly strong, and for taking this type of start in music industry you will need a perfect team for your first song. So, first of all you should buy lyrics from a person who have strong grip. If talk about the music and mixing then your first priority should be a good musician which can do all of this thing in reliable rates.
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In starting singers don’t know much about the music industry and they think that making audio and video of the song is just main thing. Nay there are a lot of other things which should not be ignored like Artworks, Proper Planning, and Strategies for promotion.

The last and very most thing which can make your song a hit or flop and that is the distribution of your song. So, that’s the reason that you should must have a proper plan for distribution of your songs.
There are some Pakistani websites like, and which can help you for this regards and they are also giving you an opportunity to make money with your songs. While on other hand YouTube is one of the powerful weapon which you can use to showcase your song & you can also make money on this platform.

Final Words:
So, In this article I told you that How to become singer in Pakistan and I hope this guide will help you out 🙂 Don’t forget to share it with your other friends.