How hip-hop and soccer fused together to create a successful business

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2019)

Tooday we have three very amazing artists Archie Eversole, Verce and Damond with us. So, let’s have some chit chat with them.

Q – How did you 3 meet?
Archie Eversole
– I was working on a new project and a friend of mine told me I needed to meet and work with this insanely creative new hip-hop dude name The Verce. We create a few hit songs in studio and never stopped. Verce later introduced me to his homie Damond and the rest is history.

Q. What made you decide to start this company?
The Verce :
Well Archie’s classic hit song “We Ready” was getting traction again. Our local Atlanta United Soccer team’s supporter clubs gravitated toward it and boom it blew up again. The team approached Archie and he became the voice. After that his song was attached to anything sport related. TV, radio etc. I watched the interaction from fan to fan when the song played and knew we needed to provide them something visual to go with the song. So was formed.

Q. What is the reason for the success of the brand?
Well the design was a key element to the success. We created something that represents the emotion of consumers. Plus we created something of value and great quality. is more than a brand it’s a culture.

Q. Have you always enjoyed soccer?
Yes I’ve followed the sport for as long as I can remember. This ain’t no money grab ya heard. I really follow this and luv the game even before the success of our home team.

Q. What advice can you give to others who are starting a business?
Make sure you do it the right way no short cuts. Find your lane in the market and drive through it.

Q. Has this helped the success of Archie Eversole and The Verce musically? Verce: Yeah for sure. I noticed sales spikes for my song “Another Round with Snoop” and “Matt McConaughey”.

Archie: Yeah Atlanta United song “United We Conquer” is getting mad luv from the city.

Q. What does have planned for the future?
– We started small and all our of products kept selling out the same day so we expanded our selection. We are leveling up and partnering up with some commercial retailers. Look for us in a store near you soon.

Q. Where should consumers go to find your product?
That’s easy. Visit to find all of our products.