‘Higher’ Getting People Higher on the Dance Floor

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2018)

Here’s a new pair of Rockstar to string at your heart with a beautiful mix of rap and hip hop. The track ‘Higher’ is a commercial track sung in a harmonious voice by our very own ‘GIRI G’ and ‘The Alpha’ in a most appealing way to take you higher that will make you groove.

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'Higher' Getting People Higher on the Dance Floor
The lyrics are written by ‘GIRI G’. The grooving music given to the track is also by ‘GIRI G’ Nad ‘The Alpha’. The backbone of the track i.e., the track is been directed by young and spontaneous director ‘Okshravan’.

Let us now get to know a little more about the stars of this track.

1.) GIRI G :
a. A multi-talented personality within himself. He is a Mumbai – based rapper, composer, song writer, singer and the music producer.
b. He has worked with many famous personalities in the industry.
c. He has got to release his album ‘Famous’ this year when has been insanely loved by the viewers, also available on his YouTube channel.

2.) The Alpha:
a. Also another rising star and talented at par, he is a DJ, music producer and also the song writer from Mumbai.
b. We would also get to see him in the bollywood music industry soon!

3.) Okshravan:
a. The track has been brought to life by the whole and soul director ‘Shravan Patil’.
b. He is the director, editor and the backbone to various scenes in the track.
c. Also has the ability to change the present scenario and head it towards success with his deep vision in the upcoming years.

The track has already been released today at 11am by the Zee Music. Viewers have started loving the track insanely and still counting.  So guys, Go ahead, show your love to this heart throbbing track!!