Here’s Why Fahad Sheikh is next Big Acting Sensation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2020)

Pakistani actor Fahad Sheikh is gaining immense attention and appreciation from all the Pakistani Drama enthusiasts. Billions of people are in love with his phenomenal acting, his personality, and his hair raising hot looks!

Why Fahad Sheikh is next Big Acting Sensation

We’ve seen Fahad Sheikh in Dramas such as Haya K Rung, Bandish, Khudparast, Badbakht, Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai, Teri Chah Mein and many more!

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Let’s find out why Fahad Sheikh is next big thing?

Great Actor and Hot AF

Fahad Sheikh has proved his acting in many previous dramas on ARY Digital and ARY Zindagi. Fahad Sheikh’s acting in Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai was loved by millions of people.

Great Actor and too Hot

Fahad Sheikh’s negative role as Arman Abid Ali in Drama Serial Badbakht was yet another heart stirrer for drama audience. And now in the ongoing drama serial Jalan. Fahad Sheikh has stunned us all with his brilliant acting, strong expressions, and his hot looks!

He is Humble and Loves his Fans

Not every actor interacts with his fans regularly but Fahad Sheikh is humble and kind towards his fans. He takes their feedback and response seriously and is seen sharing the love with them on his Instagram.

He is Humble and Loves his Fans
Highlights of Fahad Sheikh’s Instagram Live Session

Fahad Sheikh goes LIVE on Instagram every Sunday at 9 pm just to talk to his fans who keep waiting for him to talk. Fahad is always thankful to his fans for loving him so much.

Respects his Seniors and Mentors

For a person to prosper and grow, he must pay respect and gratitude towards his seniors. Fahad Sheikh is not only humble but also very respectful towards his seniors and mentors.

Respects his Seniors and Mentors

In his interviews and live sessions he often mentions his mentor and brother Fahad Mustafa, Badar Mehmood, and Aabis Raza. Being grateful towards your mentors and teachers is one trait that lets you touch the heights in your career. No matter which field you are in.

Is Jolly and Cracks Hilarious Jokes

There’s always one friend who is the center of attention of every gathering. The one that everyone waits for to come and make the moment cheerful. Fahad Sheikh happens to be that guy among his friends and fellow artists.

Fahad Sheikh Is Jolly and Cracks Hilarious Jokes

In several behind the scene footages, we’ve seen Fahad Sheikh making everyone around laugh out loud and keeping the work environment exciting. Our industry needs such full of life people who can be a symbol of positivity and spreading smiles.

Fits in every Character

Fahad Sheikh’s career has been quite a ride. From playing a young jobless guy to a university going guy, from a desi hunk wearing a sleeveless to a filthy rich stud riding a Harley Davidson.

Fits in every Character

Fahad does justice with all the characters. His acting transition from Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai to BadBakhat was phenomenal. And now the role that he is playing in Jalan has its own highs and lows. The character experiences feelings like happiness, disappointment, hope, anger, hurt, possessiveness, and much more. Fahad Sheikh’s versatility and ability to adapt to situations is simply out of the box.