Here is the Complete List of Speaker for TEDxLahore 2018

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

LAHORE: To be held this month, TEDxLahore will be bringing eight incredible speakers to its acclaimed platform on the 29th of July.

From conservation to climate change, the power of advertising to legal reform, and more, this year’s TEDxLahore theme bases itself on ‘Future Now’ – bringing to light crucial questions rarely ever asked.

Here is the Complete List of Speaker for TEDxLahore 2018
“We’re extremely excited to curate the next edition of TEDxLahore,” states Irteza Ubaid, the curator of the oldest TEDx platform in the country, “Since we wanted the focus of our talks to be on the present and the way forward, hence the theme, ‘Future Now,’ which incorporates how we as a nation are preparing for our future and what we can do collectively to get there.”

“I think events like TEDxLahore are so important for our youth,” Sonya Rehman, TEDxLahore’s co-curator says, “As per a UNDP report this year, 64% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30! Given the statistics, our youth are in dire need of direction and inspiration, that’s why platforms and events like TEDxLahore can help encourage young Pakistanis to be proactive, mindful citizens by exposing them to dynamic change-makers in the country.”