Hania Amir is No More Beautiful?

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)

Hania Amir recently posted some photos on her Instagram account, and they have stripped off the beauty award from the actress.

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Hania Amir is No More Beautiful?

Hania Amir is counted among the most beautiful Pakistani actresses, and people praise her because of her great acting.

Recently, the actresses published few photos on her official insatgram account in which she is looking different. Her fans have been making interesting comments on those photos. Fans say that the actress may have undergone surgery that went wrong and has eroded her natural beauty.

Another fan said: “Hania is looking quit aged in this photo, she is no longer beautiful”. Besides this people are also saying that she is looking like the Netflix series’s heroine ‘Tokyo’.

I don’t know why people are saying she is not looking good anymore, we are looking this new look of Hania Amir. Let us know what do You think about Hania Amir’s new looks.