Hania Amir and Asim Azhar are Not Getting Married

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2020)

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar’s couple is quite famous on social media, and I personally like their couple but recently but they are not getting married yet.

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Hania Amir and Asim Azhar is Not Getting Married

Now a days almost every Pakistani celebrity is doing live sessions by staying home. Recently Aima Baig was doing live session with Hania Amir, in which she asked her that: “A lot of people are asking that when will you and Asim get married?”

In response to Aima’s questions Hania said: “We’re not getting married event not thinking about getting married because it’s just start of our career”

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“We’re still kids” Hania Amir added. You can watch the full conversation between them in below media player.