Google & Wikipedia Displaying Wrong Information About Waqar Zaka

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

Google and Wikipedia are two major giants for finding information about any thing which you need. But sometimes they give totally wrong info and same thing happened with our famous celebrity Waqar Zaka.

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Google and Wikipedia, both are displaying wrong information about waqar zaka. When you will search “Waqar Zaka” on google, you will see an artist box in SERP (Search engine result page), where his wrong date of birth is mentioned. His actual date of birth is 17 July 1986 while google has mentioned 17 July 1980.

Waqar Zaka Wrong Information on Google

Now let’s move toward wikipedia where entire information about Waqar Zaka is wrong including Life and Career. One thing more I want to mention that abnyone can create and make changes in edia articles, and same thing happened with waqar’s case. Someone created his page on wikipedia having a lot of flaws. And this thing is creating a lot of problems for him. 


Purpose of sharing this article is to let you know that whenever you are going to find information about waqar zaka on google wikipedia then don’t trust on any source of them. You can find his authentic information on his official website.