GO is Like a Marathon of Flows and Bars [Exclusive Interview with Yungsta]

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

We interviewed Yash Chandra better known as Yungsta about his upcoming track with Seedhe Maut titled ‘GO’. So, here we go;

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Exclusive Interview with Yungsta

Q. First of all let us know who produced your upcoming track ‘GO’ and how did this project started?

Ans.This project started off a few months back when me and Encore ABJ were just chilling at my place.  We thought of doing a new banger project together because both of our collaborative projects earlier (It’s Alright & Wishes) were very mellow and laid back. So we found this beat online,it was free to use so I mailed Menice,the producer of the beat to use this for this project and he gave us a thumbs up so here we are.Later on Calm just wrote a couple bars on this and he was killing it so we decided to make this a proper Seedhe Maut x Yungsta collaborative project instead of just me and Encore working on it.

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Q. As ‘GO’ is releasing on 22nd may but before that would you like to tell your fans that which type of song it is going to be and how much heat it has?

Ans.This track is very flow oriented. All three of us have tried to showcase as many flows possible on this beat and the best part of this is that in every person’s verse you’ll find different flows which are altogether very different so there is gonna be a lot of heat in this one. It’s like a marathon of flows and bars.

Q. Video is directed by ‘Shot by Inflict’, so let us know which type of video it would be?

Ans.This video is Shot by Inflict a.k.a Prakarsh and the visuals are gonna be straight trippy. There’s a lot of different angles and a very dynamic editing to match with the pace of the track.

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Q. What’s the logic and story behind the title of your track ‘GO’?

Ans. When we were trying to device the hook for this track we were very perplexed because the verses are so heavy,we wanted to make the hook as catchy as possible to strike the perfect contrast so later on,according to the transition in the instrumental,Me and Encore deviced GO as the keyword for this as we’re just going in with the flows and lyrics and it also suited the overall soundscape and it also gave a contrast to the fast paced verse.

Q. You have already released a teaser but would you like to release another snippet before your release?

Ans. We haven’t really thought about it yet.Thing is there is not much time left for it’s release and since Seedhe Maut is dropping their debut mixtape in a couple of days we don’t think there is much of a need required for another snippet.The video comes out after just three days so we’d just let the anticipation build