Generation Model ‘Irha Parishei’ Setting Fire Now!

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

We all can see nobody gives respect to such people who change their gender or born in such a way that they are forced to become helpless but to choose wrongs ways out to live their lives.

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Generation Model 'Irhi Parishei' Setting Fire Now

Yet here we present to you an inspirational example of all transgenders out there in Pakistan. Irha Parishe, an outspoken and next door girl who had born as a male but now transformed herself into a female gender.

It was hell difficult for her to decide where to go and what to do since nobody was that much loving or nice to her but somehow she kept her self strong and beinh as a transgender persue her career in engineering from Nust Islamabad and modeling. A Renowned brand Generation gave her first break in modeling and to showcase their brand in different malls and stores of generation all over Pakistan.

We must say she is such an inspiration to all those who lose their hopes and become helpless!  We all have one life either we have to choose our own way to live or else we have to serve the entire life on others choices. CHOICE IS YOURS!