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(Last Updated On: May 1, 2021)

While “Buffing Techniques” have made its place in the list of one of the most sought after makeup techniques, you should likewise incorporate the conversation in regards to its originator and designer Fyza Ali. In the course of recent years, she has made her own name in the beauty and skin care world while sharing some helpful tips and ideas to their fans and followers around.

In addition, Sonia Ali, her sister, likewise comes over as a fashion and beauty blogger that has secured some big name through her beneficial makeup tips. Both the sisters are presently situated in Dubai and coexisting with their dreams and desires in the individual areas.

Both the sisters have shown some tremendous impact and transcendence from one side of the world to the other while bringing the best and most obliging beauty, health and skincare tips. Other than having the unparalleled aptitude in the beauty, skincare and health space, both the sisters pass on brilliant makeup and a very much formed build.

Examining about their schooling, both Soniaxfyza Before and After Sonia and Fyza wrapped up their high level education in Law and English from a school in the UK. During that time, Sonia snatched some enormous name for her blog tasks related to makeup tips and Fyza procured all the affirmation for her surprising work in the general and bridal makeup.

They served explicitly to Middle East and South Asian ladies with some ideal beauty and health related tips. Both Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali came up as the first ever women to dispatch their encapsulation through social media in the Middle East region.

All along, they presented in their supportive makeup tips and exquisite skin care suggestions through social media. Thusly, even while this was a really new thing for the Middle Eastern women, the two sisters lead the most ideal approach to inspire most Middle Eastern influencers around.

In the wake of finishing their general schooling in the UK, both of them moved back to Kuwait to contribute some quality time with their family members and loved ones. In any case, both Sonia and Fyza (Before and After Makeup) decided to move back to Dubai to launch a fresh start in the overall makeup industry through their expansive aptitude and best in class knowledge.

Fyza Ali Dubai – Before and After Makeup

Fyza Ali arranged the Buffing Technique during one of her makeup related classes during her studies in London in 2014. Right from there on, this technique has gotten particularly celebrated among the entirety of the VIPs, makeup artists and a most of the skin and beauty conscious people around.

Fyza Ali, other than creating the “buffing techniques”, comes as the most talked about makeup artist in Dubai. She came up with the buffing techniques in 2014 and fundamentally every observable celeb and people from the Royal families forms a part of her elite client group. Fyza Ali Dubai is staggeringly responsive concerning her point of view on fillers and Botox.

Fyza coexisted with her high level education in English from the UK. During the time period, she managed the makeup task for all of the models participating in London fashion week and got some gigantic appreciation considering her particular makeup work (especially bridal makeup) in the UK, which served comparatively well to both the Middle East and south Asian women.

Given her shifting to Kuwait from the UK, she got settled in Dubai and cleared towards her new journey in the beauty and makeup region through her exceptional work and deliverables in the same domain.

Sonia Ali Dubai – Before and After Makeup

Sonia Ali, basically acclaimed for her astonishing fashion and beauty tips all through the planet, is a notable beauty blogger, who has posted and shared her work through online media to help countless people across the globe.

She also comes over as a well known face in the Global fashion industry and her helpful beauty tips have really shown up some tremendous results over the time.

Sonia Ali Dubai got her law degree from the UK. Regardless, she decided to go ahead with her aspirations in the makeup domain. At the point when she moved back from the UK, she cut some good time with her loved ones and family situated in Kuwait.

Regardless, Sonia Ali chose to move to Dubai to continue ahead with her cravings and ambitions in the makeup field that were needed to work with Middle Eastern women with some unequaled beauty tips and recommendations.

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