Four Seasons by Raxstar [Watch HD Video & Lyrics]

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2015)

Today Raxstar released his most awaited song Four Seasons with collaboration of Sunit Music. So have a look at details of the song before watching the full hd video of Four Season by Raxstar. You can also read lyrics of Four Season in this post.

Watch Four Seasons HD Video Raxstar
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Four Seasons Song Details:

Track: Four Seasons
Artist: Raxstar
Music: Sunit Music
Lyrics: Raxstar
Model: Emma Singh

Watch Four Seasons HD Video

Four Seasons Raxstar Lyrics:

There’s a difference between not speaking and having nothing to say to them
All you want to do is love em want to hold em tight,
but when you talk you fight,
you don’t know how they did it but they control your life
You want her to open up but she closed those doors
Her secret smile isn’t yours no more
So I have to sit back play my part
I tried to put us together but you would take us apart
I believed in us, you received my trust
then you turned right around and said please enough
you said leave me alone so I left you alone
then you started bugging left messages on my phone
Now I regret not answering or replying
I thought you were playing games, I thought you were lying
Listening to your friends who didn’t like me and said you were too good for me
you wasn’t good for me
’cause you messed up every relationship that I’ve had after hours
I used to buy you flowers
now you go around saying I’m a coward
and you forgot about the time that you cried for hours
and I was right there too
From the middle of the night til the skies clear blue
Now I’m answering private callers ’cause I got a funny feeling it might be you

Adhi adhi raat nit ut pehnde
Nain mere rohnde rehnde ne
menu pehnde ne pulekhe tere rehnde
Nain mere rohnde rehnde ne

(In the middle of the night I wake up my eyes keep crying
I keep seeing you everywhere and my eyes keep crying)

It’s been four seasons, since you said you’re leaving
keeping secrets who you been deceiving?
Not me, can we go back to the evening where we
saw a shooting star and made a wish
If only it was for our happiness
telling myself it wasn’t meant to be
and how it turned out was a mystery
I’m tryna act like you didn’t mean sh** to me
like that counts as some kinda victory
looking back how could I be so stubborn
I just want to press reset button
Now I’m all helpless, I didn’t believe you when you said I was selfish
But you told me karma would come back around and guess what today’s the day that I felt it
Never thought I could end it
But you did even if I tried to mend it
The cracks in the glass are mistakes
We could leave it broken or make a mosiac
There’s beauty in that but life seems cruel
Your love is the cure to what I’ve been through
Now I’m answering private callers ’cause I got a funny feeling it might be you


There’s been a storm and memories are haunting
Leaves are falling and we’re reaching Autumn
and its been a while since we spoke

Days are shorter and I’m aching for ya
Trying to find a little piece of mind
But in the Winter time it’s too cold

Treading softly but the pain ain’t stopping
Have you forgotten when Spring would blossom
the places where we would go?

Close your eyes and do you remember smiling?
In the Summer time when the sun is shining
But now I’m here on my own


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