FIR Lodged against Agha Ali & Hina Altaf

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)

A local court in Islamabad has ordered to file FIR against the actors and members of a production team of a drama, in response to a complaint filed by the producer.

Producer Nosheen Agha has accused actor Agha Ali, actress Hina Altaf, production director Sohail Iftikhar and manager Gulzaib Nawaz of fraud and theft of valuable items from the set.

As per Nosheen Agha’s complaint, Hina and Agha fled from the set with 12 million rupees on 16th November while the other two members of production ran away the next day taking away various valuable items with them including contracts and script.

Nosheen claims to have paid them an amount of Rs1.45 million for their work which they left incomplete and ditched her.

Meanwhile, the concerned actors have denied all allegations by the producer. Agha Ali said that she has revealed half of the truth and that the entire team was enforced to leave due to non-payment.

Hina, on the other hand, claims to have proof against the producer which she says she will bring up on media if needed.