Fatima Sohail’s Leaked Video was Fake

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2019)

Recently a leaked video of Fatima Sohail (Mohsin Abbasi Haider’r ex wife) gone viral and people started leaving disgusting comments to troll Fatima.

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Fatima Sohail's Leaked Video was Fake

But now according to our sources we came to know that Fatima Sohail was not in that video and it is also confirmed by FIA.

Here is what Fatima posted on her Instagram stories when an alleged video went viral.

Fatima Sohail Video Screenshot

Speaking to a news channel, she said, “I am not in this video, I have no links to it, this is not me. I am alone with my child, I am fighting a lot of battles by myself. I am being tormented by the person, you all know who that person is.”

FIA confirms Fatima Sohail is not in that leaked video
FIA confirms Fatima Sohail is not in that leaked video

Watch Fatima Sohail’s Interview about leaked video.

In this article we just shared that Fatima Sohail’s leaked video is fake and FIA has also confirmed that she was not in that leaked video. Stay tuned with us for Latest Pakistani Showbiz News.