Fateh by Ak-47 Rapper (Full Song)

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2016)

Afzaal Khan Abdali aka AK-47 Rapper is back again with a real bomb called as “Fateh”. Music of the song is written by MerkedOutBeats while Fateh by Ak-47 Rapper is written and penned down by himself.

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Fateh by Ak-47 Rapper (Full Song)

Fateh by Ak-47 Rapper Song Credits:

Track : Fateh
Artist : AK-47 The Rapper
Prod.By : MerkedOutBeats
Mixing & Mastering : Afzaal Khan \ Kleshn Music
Artwork : Make Me Arts

Now, we are going to share the exclusive Desi HipHop song Fateh and I hope you will love it. If you find this song beautiful then consider it sharing with your friends.

Listen Fateh by Afzaal Khan: