Farhan Saeed & Urwa Hocane Are Going to Merry?

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2016)

There were some rumors in the air that Farhan Saeed will merry her co-actress Urwa Hocane but at that time no one was believing. But now Farhan Saeed officially announced on his facebook about his relation with Urwa.

Farhan Saeed & Urwa Hocane Are Going to Merry?

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Farhan Posted a photo on his faceboook page and instagram in which he is holding Urwa’s hand while the ring is crystal clear in her hand. And in caption he wrote “She Said Yes”. You can see this photo below.

Isn’t it a romantic proposal for urwa from Farhan? After watching this picture almost his every fan wished him a good luck for his future life which he will start with his future wife Urwa Hocane. But at the same time some question about their wedding raised from their fans that when will they merry? Well it is not confirmed about the wedding date but according some sources we got to know that Farhan & Urwa will tie the knot on coming December.

So, in this article you got to know about about the relationship of Farhan Saeed with Urwa Hocane and I hope you will find this news very interesting. We wish them a very warm and hearty best of luck for their future life.