Farasat is Like a Brother to Me and That Has Nothing to do with Music: Abdullah Malik

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Recently Abdullah Malik aka Rap Demon dropped his fresh music video Maut Ka Samaa, and here we are sharing exclusive interview of Abdullah Malik in which you will get to know about the recent track and a lot of other stuff. So, here we go;

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Farasat is Like a Brother to Me and That Has Nothing to do with Music: Abdullah Malik

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Q: Let us know about your latest single, that how did idea for this track come in your mind?

Ans: Maut Ka Samaa is the latest track that i released. ‘Maut Ka Samaa’ basically had this horror core feel when the Audio was finalized and i wished to portray the same thing with the visuals. The concept behind it is putting a full stop to whatever BS was going on in the past. I am just focused on myself and my work for now. As the lyrics say “No Beefing, Tell these bitches, I’M DONE!

Q: You always work with farasat! what is the reason behind the perfect bonding between Farasat Anees and Abdullah Malik?

Ans: It is just the chemistry and music sense of us that connects to an amazing level that is why we work together. Apart from music, Farasat is like a brother to me and that has nothing to do with Music.

Q: What was your feeling when Raftaar shared your track?

Ans: Amazed by the guy’s humbleness. Of course, that always makes me happy to have the support of an artist of that caliber without even asking for it.

Q: We heard you’re coming along Somee Chohan, let us know something about this? And how much your fans have to wait?

Ans: So much work is in progress with Somee. The guy treats and mentors me like his little brother. You’ll see another side of Rap Demon’s music soon.

Q: Any message for your fans?

Ans: Keep loving and supporting like you do. You guys are my motivation. The most amazing part is that i don’t even have to give a reply to the haters anymore. You guys got my back and that means everything. Baaki mazay mein raho, nashay karo, khush raho and do whatever makes you happy.

Q: What do you want to say new artists?

Ans: Be yourself. Find yourself. Groom that identity when you find it and make it unique. Stop doing and imitating the same shit again and again. Yahan baray baray chootiyay bethay hein and they intentionally try to discourage you. Baat sab ki suno, karo apni. Good Luck!