Fake News was Preplanned Propaganda Against Bilal Saeed

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2016)

Recently a news was very hot on Pakistani news channels and blogs that Bilal Saeed has been slapped by unknown person, while some of the TV channels were saying that Bilal stole 80 million Pakistani rupees of a woman. Today in this article I am going to talk about that Fake News was Preplanned Propaganda Against Bilal Saeed?

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Fake News was Preplanned Propaganda Against Bilal Saeed

First of all I want to mention that when I got to know this incident I called one of my friend like brother Haris who is also Social Media Manager at HLB Pakistan and asked about the whole incident. He told me that; “A drunk person came on bike when Bilal Saeed and Farrukh was walk toward his car, while the biker also came toward them and accidentally hit them and started to misbehavior instead of saying sorry. Meanwhile he tried to slap Bilal but Farrukh came in front of him and kicked the drunk guy”.

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But on the news channel the fake news was blushing that bilal has been slapped and a women filed case against him that he stole 8 crore Pakistani rupees along with her daughter.

Now let me clear that how and why this news is fake? Before anything else Bilal Saeed is well known celebrity having huge fan following, if he will do this type of thing then automatically he would lost his fan following. So, he will not do anything which may disturb his reputation. Secondly, Bilal is earning a bit more than the amount which women told in bogus case, by producing songs, music and with concerts. Then why would he do this cheap thing for 80 millions? Is it make any sense? Obviously not but it’s seems to be a preplanned propaganda against Bilal Saeed for destroying his reputation.

In this hard time of Bilal Saeed, we are standing besides the Bilal and condemn the all fake news and propaganda against him.