Fabiha Sherazi Broke Silence Against Social Media

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2017)

Now a days Fabiha Sherazi is the most trending person on social media in Pakistan. Almost all people who use facebook or instagaram, are talking about her. Some people are talking about her beauty, her looks while rest of them are discussing her age.

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Fabiha Sherazi Broke Silence Against Social Media
There are few people in crowd who is running a rumor that Sherazi is married and she has a child as well. Not just this but people are also spreading fake news that ARY’s owner kick her out from the game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’.
Finally she broke her silence against social media and asked people to not make rumors about her personal life. While updating status on her official facebook page and instagram, she said: “Stop Criticizing me, I am not married and still working at ARY. So, please ignore and report fake news

As now you got to know about the real truth behind the fake news and rumors about Fabiha Sherazi, so please spread this news so more and more people can get to know the truth.