I Was Expecting The Pardhaan’s Fan to Get Mad at Me: Aqeel Sarfraz

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

In our previous article we have shared Jai Hoe by Ali Kaz which was a pardhaan’s diss track but before that another Pakistani rapper has already released a song. Yes I am talking about Aqeel Sarfraz and today In this article I am going to share the exclusive interview of Aqeel Sarfraz in which you will get to many thing about the whole story behind Pardhaan’s diss track. So, here we go;

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Aqeel Sarfraz Exclusive Interview

Q1: Welcome, Whats going on now a days

Ans: Working on my new tracks. multiple projects are in process at the moment. Few collaborations with gawky Records guys and some solo are on the way. I am trying hard to release these track on ASAP basis.*
Q2: Recently you released a diss track againts pardhan. tell us story behind this?

Ans: It all started with the day I listened to Pardhan’s version of my country. I was pretty pissed off with a false image being shown by him, right at that moment I decided to revert back with a solid response. The target was not indian nation / country but Pardhan who targeted verbally. I hope he finds my response positively and think before saying anything about any nation on the planet. Peace!
Q3: how much response you got on diss track?

Ans: To be frank, the response was quiet positive. Yeah I was expecting the Pardhan’s fan to get mad at me but I guess there’s nothing wrong in that. My theme was go out and say what’s bothering at the back of my head.

Q4: what was you feelings when pardhan released controversial song?

Ans: If I recall I didn’t felt well. I belong to an Army background so its in my blood if you talk bad to my country we will answers, yes I do agree things are messy at some levels but we are working on it and are hopeful that in days to come it will improve by Allah’s will. Being the part of Desi hip hop it is our right to support each other but if someone (by someone that counts me too) is doing injustice with the art he needs a wake up call. May God bless us all.

Q5: what do you think desi hiphop can be destroyed if more artists releases diss tracks against pardhan?

Ans: Well, I won’t recommend that. As mentioned earlier my purpose isn’t to discourage Pardhan for carrying his work on. Again, you live your life and let us live ours with peace.