Exclusive Interview with ‘Yung Pharaoh’

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)

Today we are sharing the exclusive interview with Yung Pharaoh in which You will get to know a lot of things about his music. So, without wasting the time let’s get started.

Exclusive Interview with 'Yung Pharaoh'

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Q: First of all we want to say welcome to you.
A: Hi
, thank you for having me honestly!

Q: How did you come into music industry?
I played a lot of instruments when I was younger and one day I decided to make songs.

Q: Who was your inspiration for music?
I have a lot of inspirations but I would have to say shilo dynasty, once I heard her samples I fell in love with her type of music.

Q: What is the name of your debut song?
My recent song is called Vanity! And it’s been noticed by a lot of people. I think that’s why it’s rapidly increasing in streams.

Q: Say something about your musical journey?
It took a lot of work to get my style and just feeling comfortable with my voice. I know I still need a lot more work and there’s always room for improvement.

Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
Honestly my friends and family around me helped me a lot, but my producer Steezy in AML studios really believed in me even if I used to sound like a squirrel.

Q: Who gave you pieces of advice?
I met a guy named Justin and we went to the studio together and he changed my whole perspective of being lryical. He gave me sum really great advice and I can’t wait to record with him again.

Q: What do you do now a days?
I spend a lot of time vocalizing and writing music, and that’s about it.

Q: Let us know something about your future projects.
My second album will be coming out in the May of 2021, and I’m working with a lot of new artist but I’m not allowed to say names.

Q: What is your message to your fans?
I want to say thanks to everyone who listens to my music and who get excited about new releases, I consider all my fans family!

Q: Any message for new artist?
I still consider myself a new artist even with 2 years of constantly releasing music and recording but I could say that although it feels like progress is slow, just keep trying cause you could be one song away from changing your life.