Exclusive Interview with Valerie Warntz

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)

Today we are sharing the exclusive interview of Valerie Warntz by which you will get to know a lot things about her music.

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Exclusive Interview with Valerie Warntz

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1. In 2016 you have released 4 albums, including Crazy Dreams. Why did you decide to remaster them?
Ans: That time I didn’t pay much attention to the music production. I thought that lyrics is the most important thing, so I was just writing and recording songs as they appeared in my head. I regret it a little, though. It’s pretty obvious that I had to learn more about music production before releasing something. Though it wasn’t a big mistake, I think, because with those demos I gained my first listeners. I hope they are still excited to listen to remastered songs they already know.

2. You have done a big work with Crazy Dreams. What is the hardest part of creating an album?
Ans: As for me, recording vocals is the hardest part of the work. There are lots of things that influence on recording, such as: you must be in the right mood to record; you must control your accent; you must do more than 3 takes to choose the best later. I usually do 11.

3. Which song from the album is the most relatable to you?
Ans: Can’t choose between I Don’t Love You Anymore and Crazy Dreams. Both songs are based on real events, but they are very different. At the moment I like Crazy Dreams more: this song is dreamy and takes me to my 16’s, when I was in love with the classmate I wrote this song about. Oh, and these drums! I honestly love them so much.

4. Some people think that the weather can influence on inspiration. Do you agree with it?
Ans: Yes, totally. I wrote the majority of my songs at rainy weather. It’s really inspirational. When it’s raining and I’m home alone, thoughts and ideas often come to my head. The same thing happens at nighttime.

5. Which songs take more efforts to create: deep and powerful like I Don’t Love You Anymore or calm ones like Beach?
Ans: As for me, when you experience strong feelings, no matter positive or negative, it gets much easier to write a song. As far as I remember, I wrote I Don’t Love You Anymore for half an hour. I just had a flow of rhymes in my head that day because I was really upset about the lie from the boy this song is about. I don’t remember exactly, how long it took to write Beach, but it was surely longer.

Valerie Warntz Interview

6. Who helped you most in your album? Who gave you advices?
Ans: I work alone, learning by books, video lessons and my personal experience. Though I have a friend who works in different genre, but at the very beginnings he helped me a lot with learning the mixing/mastering tips. He still does sometimes, and I’m really grateful for this.

7. Have you ever wanted to be a part of the band or you don’t want to share leadership with somebody?
Ans: When I was 11 or 12, me and some girls tried to make a girlband, but as far as I remember, I always wanted to be the frontgirl. We were too young so we didn’t do anything with this idea. Then at 14 I tried again with other girls, but after one rehearsal they decided to stop this again. Finally at 16 I wrote my first song and here it all started. I won’t lie, I love being a leader, but there’s something more: my songs come from my soul, I write them alone, so this thing is kinda personal to perform it with somebody. Of course I’m not talking about collaborations.

8. How do you deal with haters?
Ans: You know, sometimes haters can help you, as it was in my case. In 2016, when I released my first demos, some people rudely pointed out that I have a notable accent. Honestly I never though about it, so, by insulting me, they helped me to improve! Of course, sometimes I see the baseless hate. I don’t care about it because if you are confident in what you are doing, no words will ever hurt you. Besides, hate it’s the usual part of career of every single artist.

9. What is your message to fans?
Ans: If you have a dream, follow it whatever it takes. No matter how hard it seems, you CAN do it, so go and DO it. This is what I personally learnt by now. Also I want to thank my fans for being with me, your support is truly priceless. Hope you’ll enjoy EP Crazy Dreams which is out May 18th!