Exclusive Interview With ‘Sohail Kalyug Rockerx’ A Pakistani Music Promoter

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2015)

Exclusive Interview With 'Sohail Kalyug Rockerx' A Pakistani Music PromoterRecently we have published the  Interview of Malaika Faisal and beside her we have published he interviews of different singers like TaZzZ, Sofia Kaif, Sugarzzz etc but today we are going to publish the interview of a personality who is the real backbone of many singers. Yes, we are talking about Sohail Kalyug Rockerx who took his start 15 years ago and now He has a popular name in Media and specially in Pakistani Music.

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So, Now here we are going to publish Exclusive Interview of Sohail Kalyug Rockerx in which you will get to know everything about him that when did He take his start and how he became popular etc. Here we go guys:

sohail kalyug rockerx interview

Q1: First of All I want to say a ‘Warm Welcome’ to You?

Ans: Thank you so much and I think its a big pleasure for me to be interviewed on MuzEnt.

Q2: How are you doing now a days?

Ans: Some days ago I was not well because I met with a Road Accident but now I am doing fine 🙂

Q3: So, What is Your Real Name?

Ans: My real name is Sohail Baig but I got fame with Sohail Kalyug Rockerx and according to me If you choose this type of name then definitely you will have curious personality  and people wants to know about you and in this way you will become popular.

Q4: How did you come to this field?

Ans: Basically when I came in media at that time Orkut was very famous. Orkut was a social media website just like facebook and I became popular on the Orkut. Then I met with ‘Akash Band‘ they signed me for their promotion. So, I promoted their band and also published interview of many singers of that time in different news papers.

Q5: How many singers you have promoted till now? and also mention their names?

Ans: Well, now I forgot that how many singers have been promoted by myself but some them whom I have promoted are mentioned;
Nouman Javaid, Raga Boyz, Ali Khan, Nabeel Shaukat Ali , Uzair Khan Chugtai , Uzair khan, Hassan Amin. Now a days I am promoting the latest song Mat Sata by Raagni.

Q6: Do you have anyother work besides from promoting etc?

Ans: Yes, I am doing many online works like web designing, graphic desiging, domain hostings etc. I also have my own studio and we produced Rul Gyi Aan in my own studio and still we are working on different new projetcs.

Q7: Do you want to give any message to new singers?

Ans: Yes, I just want to say that kindly make good music, produce good music which can be listened and being watched by everyone and I hope they will get my point.

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