Exclusive Interview with Sky Richards

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

Today we have Sky Richards with us, so in this exclusive interview You will get to know a lot of things about Sky Richards and his music. So, let’s get started.

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Q: First of all we want to say welcome to you.
Thank You
Q: How did you come into music industry?
I was singing from the age of 6 and then really did not look into music did some demos wrote songs but no focus. I wanted to be successful with business first then start my music.
Q: Who was your inspiration for music?
Comes from many but Micheal Jackson, Seal, and others
Q: What is the name of your debut song?
Roller Coaster ride
Q: Say something about your musical journey?
Journey has been testy but im a believer . Many fails many not sure but overall beat the negatives to experience the positives. Read BIO attached.
Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
No one yet its really now starting
Q: Who gave you pieces of advice?
Q: Let us know something about your future projects.
Future projects are 4 other singles and full album ready, tom promote the Skyline Bracelet which is a new product of mine that kills all negativity dead.
Q: What is your message to your fans?
Message to fans. Believe in who you are what you want dont wake up hoping wake up knowing. Love yourself and those around you show love and patience and understanding. Be as great as you want to be and remember their is only one of you so you are unique to the world.
Q: Any message for new artist?
New artist stay believing stay strong stay getting and moving towards what you wish for never give up know its for you.