Exclusive Interview with Revilution

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2018)

Today we are sharing the exclusive interview of Revilution band in which you will get to know a lot of things about them and their music.

  1. Where did each member of REVILUTION grow up?
    Dan Seitz, lead vocalist/guitar: I grew up in a little town in Southeast Idaho called Palisades, then when I was 15 I moved to Mesa, AZ.

Scott Flint, guitar/backing vocals: I grew up in Sunnymead, CA, which is now Moreno Valley.
Mikey Chavez, bass: I grew up in Bellflower/Downey area, about 15 miles S.E. of Los Angeles and 6 miles N. of Long Beach area.

Joe Hernandez, drums/backing vocals: I was born in Upland, CA, and I lived there until I was about 15 then moved to Tucson, AZ.

2. What is the musical background of REVILUTION and why does it all work together so well?

Dan: My dad was big into ’60s country, although he did like some rock n roll like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and The Beach Boys. My mom liked rock n roll, but more into the crooners like Elvis and Englebert Humperdinck. When she married her second husband, he had several hard rock albums like Queen’s “News Of The World” and Kiss’s “Love Gun,” which really turned the little spark in my soul into a roaring flame! I try to use some of the tricks I learned from all that old music when I write songs now; metaphors, musical progressions, drum fills, etc.

Scott: We have all been in many bands over the years, some good, some bad. But that history has taught us how to identify the best components to making great music. We know what we want, and we know how to make it, we have the right line up to sound great.
Mikey: My father stuck a trumpet in my hands when I was 8 yrs.old (that was the instrument he played). I had trumpet lessons until I joined Jr. High band and moved to baritone horn, then into Church band, then Downey High School band. Always dug bass guitar but didn’t pick it up till my late teen years. From there it was off and on for me, rock, funk, punk, Zappa, pretty much everything I heard I wanted to play. I think REVILUTION band members’ varied musical upbringing helps the music work, as we all seem to be fairly open minded to different stuff. We all bring in something different.
Joe: Well for me, it all started in high school. I was in the marching band, jazz band is where my background started. Then I played some local bands throughout the years. And then the last 10 years or so did the hired-gun scene for a little bit and then got into the cover band scene.

3. We definitely hear the metal influences! What are your favorite metal bands?

Dan: Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, Queensryche, Ozzy… Pick an ’80s metal band, I probably like them!

Scott: I like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Trivium, just to name a few.
Mikey: Too many different bands for me to mention here… right off hand I would have to throw Metallica in there, Rob Zombie, lately I’ve been listening to a couple bands, “Orange Goblin” and “The Sword.”

Joe: For me, some of the old school ’80s and ’90s metal. Some of my favorites were Overkill, Prong, Flotsam Jetsam, Pantera. But all those bands from that era.

4. How would you describe the style of REVILUTION stage show?

Dan: Right now it’s all about the music, just trying to play everything as faithfully as possible, but I definitely have ideas about what our stage show could be, as we move into bigger venues. I know how to build badass confetti cannons…

Scott: Energetic, fast-paced fun, totally intense music, never a dull moment.
Mikey: Well we’re workin on that, let’s just say pretty much straight-ahead, no-frills, have fun kind of a thang.

5. In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

Dan: Definitely edgier, more aggressive, more complex, with some exceptions. Playing fast or using complicated chords or progressions isn’t as important to me as having a good hook and interesting lyrics. Doesn’t matter whether it’s thrashy or bluesy, it has to be good or no one will care.

Scott: We have much better members in the band and the communication is so much better which makes for better music.
Mikey: The music so far has remained pretty consistent, as Dan pretty much writes everything, musically & lyrically. Scott is starting to bring more songs in, and his stuff is different because he and Dan come from different backgrounds. Things will most likely evolve musically as the bass guy is heavily influenced by the Funk. The thang is, it has to be very subtly but obviously incorporated into the music, kinda like the subtle Not Rhino in the room.
Joe: Well, with this band, a fresh start; not only new band for me, but a change of place, moving from Arizona not too long ago.

6. What would be your dream venue in which to perform and favorite cities?
Dan: Oh, I have lots of dream venues! Right now I have my sights set on the Whisky A Go Go! But I’d like to play anywhere a great live album was recorded; Budokan, Cobo Hall, Long Beach Arena, Hammersmith Odeon, Madison Square Garden… I want to be able to go where my heroes have gone, and do what they have done.

Scott: Having played all over the USA, my dream gig would be anywhere in Japan.
Mikey: To me any show anywhere is great! I can’t be killed when I’m on stage in any band setting, from Church band to high school band, punk band, classic rock band; and at this point in my life I look up and say, hey cool, I’m in a Heavy Metal band playing originals, how cool is that?
Joe: Well me, I have to say Glendale Stadium. In Glendale, Arizona, being a Cardinals fan and my hometown.

7. You are set to go into the studio with producer Ricky Brewer and famed Engineer Pete DeBoer. Tell us about your journey to this venture and how you are preparing! Also, when can we expect to hear the new album?

Dan: Well, I spent 5 1/2 years writing and recording songs; I think the tunes were great, production not so much. Plus, it was all me back then, and although I can play all the instruments, there are better musicians out there, like Scott, Mikey, and Joe! Putting these talented guys in a studio with a talented engineer and producer I think is gonna be magical! We’re going to be recording a three-song EP, so we’re rehearsing the songs a lot at home and in the studio. Hopefully it’ll be released around the middle of August, I’m thinking.
Mikey: Well, the band decided maybe we should try this management thang, sooo, we said W.T.F. You gotta stick it out there, you know? These things cost, so there was natural apprehension (you’ll have that). Things started happening a little at a time, and here we are at the point of developing an E.P. For myself as the bass player, it’s a matter of getting the music learned backwards, forwards, and sideways. That makes it easier when we get to the actual studio part. This isn’t my first rodeo so I know things can get anal sometimes, but hey, it’s another chance to play music.

Joe: Well I’m as prepared as I think I could be. But I won’t lie, a little nervous. But I know working with those guys is going to be awesome. And the sound that can produce is amazing. Not too sure on the release date but hopefully not too soon after it.

8. Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Dan: Thanks to Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp, I’ve gotten to learn from Phil Soussan, Lita Ford, Kip Winger, Kane Roberts, Bruce Kulick, Ritchie Kotzen… and thanks to recorded music, I’ve learned something from every musician I’ve ever listened to.

Scott: Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Robin Trower.

Mikey: I have always maintained that I have learned something from just about everyone I’ve been lucky enough to play with; from my old Jr. High School band teacher, to a drummer I spent a small amount of time playing with who had horrible timing. I have never really played with anyone famous but have learned tons and gotten inspiration from the likes of Frank Zappa, Mel Schacher, Tim Bogart, Wojtek Pilichowski; again there are way too many to list. I have become a better bass player in the small amount of time I’ve been with REVILUTION.

Joe: I was always a big Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, and Lars fan. Used to have the drums in my parents’ garage and for years everyday after school, whenever I could get in there, I was listening to one of them guys jamming and learning as much as I can, I think, to make me the well-rounded drummer I am today.

9. Where does the band like to unwind and chill together? Any favorite local hangs?

Dan: Honestly, we haven’t really hung out much outside the studio, aside from photo shoots or live shows; and we haven’t played live with Joe and Mikey just yet since they only joined REVILUTION a couple of months ago. I’m definitely hoping that will change as our momentum builds and we get to do things like take road trips together and stuff.

Scott: We usually just hang at the studio when we’re working.

Mikey: We are not together that much except at rehearsal, so an occasional break from that… I personally don’t get out much, so I hang at the house with the dogs, Lilli, Roxy, and Jackie.

Joe: Well, for me, being new to the LA area, and so close to Sunset, I’m barely starting to scratch the surface of all the cool bands and places there in and around the Hollywood area.

10. Thank you for your time and we look forward to the new album!

Dan: Thanks for chatting with us!

Scott: Thank you!
Joe: Thank you for your time, and it was a pleasure!

So, today in this article I just shared exclusive interview of revilution band. You can get more information about them on their website at www.revilution.com