Exclusive Interview with ‘Rachel Huggins’

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2020)

Hey, guys how are you doing? Today we have Rachel Huggins with us. So, in this article, we are going to share the exclusive interview of Rachel Huggins in which You will get to know about her music career and latest EP. So, let’s get started.

Exclusive Interview with 'Rachel Huggins'

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Q: How did you come into the music industry?
I’ve been involved in music-making for as long as I can remember, a bit cliché but it was a natural progression for me to end up in the music industry.

Q: Who was your main inspiration in music?
Mariah Carey’s debut album came out 30 years ago when I was starting secondary school and she was a big inspiration to me! I was obsessed with her voice, she was undefeated with ballads and I desperately wanted to be able to use my voice like she does.

Q: What is the name of your debut song and what is it about?
The debut song from my EP is called Take Control and is about teaching a point in your life when you need to make a conscious decision to better yourself and your circumstances. In so doing ‘one day you will see, what it means to be free’.

Q: Tell us more about your musical journey?
I’ve always loved singing and regularly prepare solos for church services. At school, I helped to found a choir with some friends which was then led by a member of the London Community Gospel Choir and went on to develop a fantastic reputation which led to a visit by and performance for HRH Queen Elizabeth 2 amongst other notable occasions.

I’ve learned a variety of instruments but mostly stick to keys and I like to jump on the drum kit from time to time to jam with friends. I really love the bass guitar and need to take it more seriously one day.

Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
I’ve had lots of good guidance along my musical journey from instrumental and forming a band direction at college to songwriting coaching at university to industry business discussions.

Q: Who gave you the best piece of advice?
My undergraduate course leader, once said in a lecture, that you should treat every opportunity as if it were your last chance. In an effort to get us to give our all at all times, he went on to say regardless of our position in a running order again, if we are a support act, we should treat the opportunity as if we were the headline act.
I never forgot these gems. I haven’t always put it into practice but when I have there is a notable difference in people’s perception and reception of me.

Q: What are you currently working on?
I’m currently promoting my EP Keep Dreaming which is a 6 track project (5 songs and a remix) which is available from all good retailers.

Q: Tell us something about what you have planned for the future?
In the future, I’m excited to be able to perform the EP live as I was unable to a launch party due to Covid but I’d love to share the new songs at some specially curated shows.

Q: What message would you like to share with your fans?
Keep Dreaming! Keep your hopes alive, work towards what you want and when you achieve it, work towards something else. In short, be intentional about what you do.

Q: What advice would you give to new artists coming into the music industry?
Be yourself! One of the forces of the music industry is to mould you into other people’s ideas of what you could be. There’s nothing wrong with compromise if you wholeheartedly agree. But don’t get lost in hope for greener grass, only to discover it’s AstroTurf! Be you and the right people will come to you.

You can stream her latest EP ‘Keep Dreaming’ in below music player.