Exclusive Interview with ‘Onzieb’

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2021)

Today we are going to share the exclusive interview of very talented artist Onzieb with all of You. So, without wasting the time let’s get started.

Exclusive Interview with 'Onzieb'

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Q: First of all we want to say welcome to you.
Thank you for having me!

Q: How did you first come into the music industry?
I got my start in college, while interning for the main recording studio on campus. It was there that I got the chance to meet other like-minded music creatives. It was during this time that I would collaborate and nurture my skills in songwriting, engineering, and production

Q: Who was your inspiration for music?
My inspiration for my music is definitely my family! They have always been there for me, from my piano recitals, to them jamming to one of my new songs! They’re support is priceless, and that gives me the drive everyday to keep making great music!

Q: What is the name of your debut song?
My latest release is titled “Beautiful” featuring singer/songwriter Kitty J

Q: Say something about your musical journey?
My journey so far has been really interesting, to say the least! LOL. Being a “creative,” I’ve learned that some people will encourage you to be the best version of yourself, while others don’t necessarily send you well wishes. I think that was one of the main concepts that I’ve adopted along the way, and it showed me that keeping just a small circle of friends/supporters is all I really need at the end of the day.

Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
A lot of people have had a hand in cultivating my overall artistry, but the one that sticks out the most has to be my brother! He continues to help me with promoting my music, and I’ve even built a branding partnership with his clothing line “In My Zone Clothing.”

Q: Who gave you pieces of advice?
I got some great advice from the Late, Great Heavy D! I was fortunate to have met him in 2011, during a series of recording sessions at “Daddy’s House Recording Studio” in New York City. The recording sessions were for his final album “Love Opus,” and myself and a friend of mine were invited to go there and work with him. He shared with me the idea of “trusting my first instinct, when it comes to writing a song.” Since then, I always go with the first thought that comes to mind  when building a concept for a new song!

Q: What do you do nowadays?
Right now, I’ve just finished the remix to “Beautiful,” featuring my artist “One.” I’m really excited for this and I hope my fans will be just as excited also! I’ve also released the “Beautiful Apparel Line” in partnership with In My Zone Clothing. You can check it out at www.shopimz.com

Q: Let us know something about your future projects?
This summer I’ll be releasing my follow up single titled “The Cool Song.” A smile comes to my face everytime I think about this particular song because It’s catchy, upbeat, and it just sounds like SUMMER! LOL

Q: What is your message to your fans?
A: I
want my fans to know that without their support and love, I wouldn’t be able to do this! Everyone that’s streamed my songs, purchased merchandise, followed me on social media, I VALUE YOU! My fans are the ones that keep me going, and keep me inspired to create more music they can vibe to!

Q: Any message for new artists?
Being a musician (singer, rapper, producer, etc) people won’t always understand your story. You may have some people in your life that will tell you not to go after your dreams, and to have a so-called “Plan B” in place. How do I know that?? Because it happened to me! BUT, I learned that along the way, you eventually find your “rhythm” to this industry, and the right people and right situations will start to come into your life when you least expect it, and when it happens, just be ready to give your PLAN A all you’ve got!

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