Exclusive Interview with “Offbeat Lookie”

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2022)

Today we’re going to share an exclusive Interview of a very talented artist Offbeat Lookie with all of you.

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Q: First of all we want to say welcome back to you

A: Good to be back, I feel like family!

Q: How has the music industry been to you? A: I can’t complain you get out what you put in.

Q: Who are some artist you’ve been listening

to lately?

A: Lately only ppl from my town like: Big Ooh, Dot Bulletz, King Bibb, L banga, Ysb Bizz, Mazzi, Skitz, Pain Life, Black Collar, And a WHOLE LOTTA “GRAND CRU” #CruShit

Q: What is the name of your new album? A: My latest project I named “Fairway” because that’s where it all started. We getting back to the basics

Q: Say something about your musical journey?

A: It’s been challenging but beautiful and I’m far from done.

Q: Who helped you most in your journey? A: My true supporters, support is usually free and starts with a share online. Shout out to the true supporters.

Q: Who gave you pieces of advice?

A: I got advice from everyone, but all advice hasn’t been good advice. One thing that stood out was Doughboy told me your a man before anything. That’s when I became the man I am tho.

Q: What do you do now a days?

A: Music, Grind, And think of new ways to get my family right without getting in the way.

Q: Let us know something about your new

project “Fairway” A: I’m excited about it, I’ve worked hard on it and I know the hood gonna love it. I’m doing it for my hood, my town, my state, so it will be a lot of new sounds I went out my comfort zone on this one.

Q: What is your message to your fans?

A: Keep supporting and thanks for the sincere love. I can’t wait to take you guys around Fairway Drive wit me!

Q: Any message for new artist?

A: Keep developing, keep dropping music, keep networking, work with many people as possible from all over. Grow your network and just be you because nobody like a imitation they want the real. Also never become too busy to love yourself or family. Make time for those that matter and they will return the love by helpful nc you succeed. That’s all I got #WeDaCru

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