Exclusive Interview with ‘Lulu Musiq’

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2020)

Today we are back again and this time we are sharing the exclusive interview of Lulu Musiq in which You will get to know a lot of things about her music. So, without wasting the time let’s get started

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Q: What is the name of your debut song?
The first full song I ever recorded and dropped was called “Chocolate Man” haha! Don’t even ask me why or what it is about but let me just tell you, you would be surprised. What can I say, I was 16 years old.

Q: Say something about your musical journey?
Growth, hard work, and bliss would be 3 words that would sum it up perfectly.

Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
Everyone I’ve ever worked with! Every singer, producer, engineer, and songwriter I’ve worked or interacted with has helped me on my journey. I’ve learned from all of them! for that, I’m grateful!

Q: Who gave you pieces of advice?
A few different people. The best advice I’ve received throughout the years are all tied to working on your craft, putting out quality work, and owning my talent.

Q: What do you do now a days?
I’m always writing, creating, planning, in and out of rehearsals and working on my marketing and my releases. I have been in the studio recording new material and am about to release new music. I’m excited! I am also putting together my performances and working on booking gigs. Exciting times!

Q: Let us know something about your future projects
It’s honest, raw, inspiring, and my best work so far!

Q: What is your message to your fans?
Thank you for following me on my journey and for your constant support! I know who you are! Trust me, I see you all! Keep interacting with me and I will keep providing dope music!! Y’all make me so happy 😀

Q: Any message for new artist?
Work, work, work on your craft on a daily! Don’t let ANYBODY tell you to stop, change, or let them discourage you! You don’t know how many producers and engineers have told me to change my sound, change my lyrics, change my melodies, change my vision, or change my body and look! It really got to me for yeeeaaars and made me insecure but the more I worked on myself and my self-worth and esteem, it all changed for the better. I never ever stopped singing though! Now, I think it’s so funny when people try to change, control, or criticize me on MY craft! All it is is their limiting beliefs that they project onto you. Just keep doing your thing the way you want to! You are unique. Don’t forget that! Really hone in on your craft, own it, and make sure you love it! Make sure it’s your passion! Your own limiting beliefs are your limits! Nothing can stop you once you understand that! Be confident and claim your talent!! As a creative, we create magic! Be confident in your magic!

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