Exclusive Interview with ‘Joe Mesmar’

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2020)

Today we caught Joe Mesmar, and here we are sharing his exclusive interview with our loyal readers, but before that we would like to let You know more about Joe Mesmar. So, let’s get started;

Exclusive Interview with 'Joe Mesmar'

Joe Mesmar is Canada based DJ and music producer, He has lighten up the magic with his music in different countries. Mesmar started learning music when he was just 14 years old and then in 2013 he started career with full power. In short span of two years Mesmar was ranked among the top 300 best-selling techno artists as he played sets at premiere nightclubs in Montreal, including Circus Afterhours, Velvet, and Salon Daome.

Mesmar would soon begin a career in the field after winning a Beatport contest with a remix of Josh Wink’s track “Balls”. He then collaborated on numerous tracks with the likes of Eric Sneo, and Ramiro Lopez, among others, and inked record deals with Toolroom Records, Ovum Recordings, and GreatStuff Recordings.

In 2015, Mesmar was ranked among the top 300 best-selling techno artists as he played sets at premiere nightclubs in Montreal, including Circus Afterhours, Velvet, and Salon Daome. Both DJ Mag and Vice have interviewed him over the years to discuss his rise through the industry. Mesmar has shared the decks with Oliver Huntemann, UMEK, Pig&Dan, and Sasha Carassi, among others.

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Q: Let us know how much hurdle you had to face when you were starting your career?
Well, It all started as a hobby. I wasn’t really intending to go all out & make it as my full time job. It all started when I was picked as one of the late winners of the Beatport contest hosted by Josh Wink and his label Ovum Recordings.

I woke up the day of the winners announcement, I opened my Mac and rushed to the Beatport Contest page to see who was announced as the winner (They picked 2 winners at that time). I wasn’t one of the few one’s that got picked, I was annoyed and Sad. Then, few days later, Beatport emailed me stating that Josh Wink wants to release my Remix along side with the winners. The happiness I had during that day, It’s like seeing a kid with mountain of candy around him.

I had so much support from the big guys. It brought me so much motivation to produce more banging Techno. That’s when I decided to go all out!

Q: What was your feeling when you were ranked among the top 300 best-selling techno artists?
I was so happy and confused at the same time, as I was only 2 years into the scene! I received a screenshot from a friend showing that I am ranking 285 best selling techno artist. i thought it was photoshopped, I was wrong. It is such a great feeling to see my music selling worldwide. I mean top 300 is definitely great in terms of being fresh on the boat.

Q: How did you come into music industry?
It has always been my passion, I used to be a drummer boy in a “band” back in High school before getting myself into the music industry. Years later, I moved to Montreal, I saw few of my friends DJ’ing at clubs.. I, then decided to learn how to DJ myself… So I bought few CDJs and a mixer, bought Traktor full package, then started messing around the decks at home. I used to spend so many hours daily. I used to love Electro music back then (AKA EDM music in today’s world). Then I started applying to open for residents at many clubs.
After a year of just being a DJ. I discovered that one of my friends was giving Ableton courses, how to master Ableton & how to build a track. I took & finished his courses and then it hit me with the “I finally found what i love”

Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
I had big support from my parents and close friends. Usually, Arab parents would want their son to be a Doctor, or a Lawyer, they could pass for an Engineer. It’s like a tradition! But my parents were never like that, in fact. I loved how they supported me during my ups and downs, and gave me my freedom to pursue the things I love to do.