Exclusive Interview With ‘Evil Creek’

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2018)

Today here we are going to share the exclusive interview of Evil Creek band by which you will get to know a lot of things about them. So, here we go;



Q: Where did the band name Evil Creek Come from?

– I (Mark Garrod) was at a festival and I see that someone was there with their own clothing line booth set up really cool 2 word name I can’t remember what it was not but I remember it was really cool. 2016 that caused all the floods here and I remember driving home thinking about what I would name my own clothing line and as I was looking at ducks floating on people’s front lawns it hit me “Evil Creek” That is what I would name my own clothing line “Evil Creek Clothing” I know it’s silly but at the time I thought it was a great name and after that drive I never really thought about it again till Cliff and I got together to form a band and it was a lot of back and forth with different names and then again it hit me “Evil Creek” ! I was actually pretty excited about it so I send a message to Cliff and he thought it was cool and that is how the band name was created.

Q: How long has Evil Creek Been around?

-Well just after I recorded the “Dirt Road” EP in 2017 I quickly looked for members to form this band, so the release was October 2017 so I would say it was pretty much in the same month the band was formed because we played a show with Jeff Martin of the Tea Party November 24th so yea I will go with September or October 2017.

Q: How did you all meet?

-Going back many years I had a job in landscaping but it wasn’t your typical cutting grass and raking leafs. construction dealing with concreate building decks around pools or driveways and we had a pretty big job out in the country on this big farm and Steve worked there as well and that is how Steve and I met and we were friends ever since. He had a band at that time and I would go check them out or we would just hang out but we were always in different bands up intel the birth of Evil Creek and then when I was playing in a hard rock band we played many shows over the years with a band called Claudia and Cliff was in that band as the singer and lead guitar player and back then I was writing acoustic stuff just on the side more for fun and to just kind of put my personal feelings or in a place I can visit from time to time when I am just jamming alone up intel Cliff and I started to discuss working on a project together. talk about it for many years and then once I recorded “Dirt Road” I sent it to him and he basically said “When do we start rehearsing?”  So that was something that was just inevitable after I was done with the recording or at least I was hoping. And as for Grant I seen a post on Facebook in some Indie group that there was a bass player looking for a band and I messaged him and he came out and we seem to have all clicked with him well and he ended up being the guy. actually worked with Steven in the past without really knowing each other.

Q: Are you all original members?

Yes and I hope it stays that way!

Q: What is your best AND worst experience in Evil Creek?

– Well Evil Creek is still fairly new so I would say that the best experience so far would be playing a show alongside Jeff Martin from the Tea Party that dude is crazy talented,  as for a worst experience I can’t say we have one yet.

I want to talk about the song “Why does it feel” can you tell me what it is about? It seems like a pretty deep song.

Q: Why does it feel is a song about loss In any way shape or form.     

Where inside you did this song come from? Personal life events? Things other people experienced? Where did the inspiration come from?

-It is a mix of all those things.  It goes back many years of dealing with loss but not having the song fully complete and after I lost my best friend to cancer I decided to bring the song forward and complete it and it is a dedication to her she was only 36 years old when she passed away to a rare kind of bone cancer and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with and after her passing many others followed within the span of a only a few years and it was just a really hard time for me personally dealing with loosing people around me who I loved and who were a big part of my life.

Q: What was the first single on the EP?

-I believe it was “Everything’s gone gray”

Q: Why that song? 

-It was the first song I worked on during the whole recording process and I was excited to release something to show people and get their feedback so I went ahead and released “Everything’s gone gray” and “Why does it feel” followed that before the release of the entire Dirt Road EP

Q: When writing this EP did everyone have a hand in the writing or was there only one creative mind at work here?

-Every member in Evil Creek are great minded musicians and hearing past projects from all of them I know that they are all creative and moving forward all member will have a hand in writing and recording but the “Dirt Road” EP is how Evil Creek was born I sat at my computer one day and started to record and when it was done I gave it to the guys and we became a band but being a group of excellent musicians I think it is very important that we all have a hand in writing moving forward and we all put our creativity together.

Q: How is the EP doing? What kind of response are you getting?

-It’s going great.  I have yet to hear any negative responses.

Q: What steps did you guys take to promote your album?

-Social media, word of mouth but mostly social media post in groups and ask people who like your music to share it and that goes a long way.

Q: What is your long term goal for Evil Creek?

-Just to keep writing and recording and releasing good music and of course playing shows. is just an added bonus but for the most part we are a bunch of guys who just love to play music.

Q: Your thoughts on record labels and the music industry?

-What industry? I don’t think paying a middle man to do something I can do myself is necessary. place and it has opened more doors for people like us.

Q: On what platforms can we find the EP?

-Its actually all over the internet including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube, Bandcamp.  If you get it on bandcamp it comes with a bonus song and a video for the bonus song as well as images and all that fun stuff but that is bandcamp :

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/dirt-road-ep/1315210496 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2I4085hTPFNAyGRFvgo1LM Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcVc0iDsRT8 Bandcamp: https://evilcreek.bandcamp.com/album/dirt-road

Q: Is there an overall message?

-Yes if you love music take the time to check out your independent bands and help spread the word by “sharing” their Facebook page or website and give comments and let them know how they are doing. and something simply like clicking “Share” is a huge support and if you can follow with a comment for others to see that might help entice them to have a listen to them then do it! I mean it only takes a second to click that button to share it and that on its own can go a long way.

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