Exclusive Interview with Rj Arslan Sheraz

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2016)

Recently we caught Rj Arslan Sheraz in an event at dubai and forecd him to give interview for his loyal fans and our readers. So, here I am going to publish Exclusive Interview with Rj Arslan Sheraz.

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Exclusive Interview with Rj Arslan Sheraz

Rj Arslan Sheraz Interview :

Q: Welcome To MuzEnt.com
Ans: Thank you
Q: How are you?
Ans: I am great.
Q: What are you doing now a days?
Ans: Now a days working on new project quite busy.
Q: What was your debut song?
Ans: Yeh Raastey was my debut single which I released in 2015 and with the grace of Almighthy my debut song got a great response from audience and it was beyond of my thoughts. I am excited to tell you that I composed this song by myself while the music of the song is created by known music producer Atif Ali. It was onaired on many tv channels accorss Pakistan, dubai and India for a whole month. Yeh Raastey was in top 20 on itunes from the day of it’s release.

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Q: What was your feeling when you released your debut song?
Ans: oh! It was out of the world i was feeling like there’s no one else for people in limelight and the feeling was flawless.
Q: Tell us something about your songs for this years?

Ans: After getting the huge success of Yeh Raastey I thought to take music seriously and I think that was the reason for which I released my three tracks Saah, Ishq Ka Jaado and Piya in 2016 for which I approached well known producers of Bollywood and dubai like Shiraz Uppal and Atif Ali. Not just this but I am coming back in 2017 with something very excited which I can’t reveal right now.

Q: Who helped you in music industry?
Ans: Actually No one exactly i was the Only one to stand,invest and make my steps ahead to mark myself as a Good Singer in Industry so no one particular But yes there were some people who taught me a lot.

Q: Music is the only profession which you have adopted?

Ans: Music and singing is my first love, let me tell you how I started my career as musician? I moved to dubai with my parents from Pakistan but there I faced some problems in dubai because I forgot to speak and talk in urdu or hindi because of getting admission in english medium institute. But it was my luck that I found gems like Nisar Daniel and Chiranjib Chakraborty from whom I learnt Indian Language & Literature. They also helped me for perfection of my vocals.

It was my story about coming in music industry but before that I used to work for  FM radios including Suno 1020, HUM FM UAE, Radio Spice 105.4, and still working for  Radio Mirchi FM, not just this I also signed contract as a model with Diva Dubai Model Agency Production and Lifestyle Modeling. Lifestyle agency is producing an upcoming drama Darr in which I am playing leading role while I also featured for the OST of the drama.
Q: What are your future plans for music?
Ans: Very soon get to release some really surprising projects from Bollywood and Yeah have a wish to Perform all over the world through concerts and Events to showcase.
Q: What message you want to give to new artists?
Ans: Be blunt, Confident and have a very sincere attitude towards your dreams no matter how hard it is you will achieve
Q: Anything you want to say for your fans?
Ans:Just keep loving me the way you do and please share my all Singles to promote me because you guys are my real promoters not any socialist
Keep rocking