Exclusive Interview Of Mehak Ali on MuzEnt

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2016)

Recently everyone became victim of Baandi fever and that’s why today I have Mehak Ali with me on MuzEnt, so we will ask her about this Baandi fever while you will also get to know more things about Mehak Ali which you never knew before in exclusive interview of Mehak Ali.So, here you go;

Exclusive Interview Of Mehak Ali On MuzEnt

Q1: Welcome to MuzEnt.com
Q2: How are you and what’s going on these days?
Ans: I’m good now a days working on new projects and doing shows concerts etc, and Nescafé recordings.
Q3: Tell us about your, education and background etc?
Ans: – B.A , but I have completed my education along music.
Q4: How did you come into music industry?
I have won music talent hunt in 2012 there were 400 contestants and I was the one who won that competition. Then I took start music professionally. I have faced many hurdles but was still determined.
Q5: Who was your inspiration for music?
All the legends of Pakistan and All over the world too are my inspiration.Like, Madam Noor Jahan, Reshma Jee, Nusrat Khan Sahab, Mehndi Hassan Khan Sahab.
Q6: What was the name of your debut song?
Ans: Baandi is my first debut, and I have already done a duet for Pakistani movie Dekh Magar Pyar Se, and many covers.

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Q7: Recently your song Baandi has been released, So tell us the story behind the song?
Baandi is the story of women the lyrics of song are written by Asrar. Actually it’s about my story of my struggle and Asrar is a very good friend of mine & he is a very talented Sufi singer. This song is composed by J.Ali He is my teacher too. So this song is about soul & very close to my heart.

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Q8: Who helped you most in your journey? Who gave you advises?
Ans: Early stage i joined radio Pakistan for music classes there the senior Music Producer Saleem Bazmi Sahab gave me music classes and after that I learnt music by J.Ali.
Here I will mention the name of my team Glorious Production ,the CEO of this company Raheel Minhas Is a very humble man he advised me in every further step of my future life I’m very thankful to him.
Q9: What is your message to your fans?
I just want to say that my fans are my proud today I’m just because of them just because of their support and love, I will request them to keep supporting me as they always.
Q10: Any message for new artist?
Just focus on your work & be positive always.

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