Exclusive Interview of Billy X on MuzEnt

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2016)

It’s the happiest day for me because I never thought in my life that I’ll have the interview of the person whom I listened a lot, Today I am going to publish the Exclusive Interview of Billy X on MuzEnt. So, here you go.

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Billy X Interview


Q1: First of all I want to say you a warm welcome to muzent.

Q2: How are you?
Doing pretty good thanks.

Q3: First of all tell us that what is your real name?
Babar Khan

Q4: What’s the logic behind your artistic name Billy X?
There’s no real logic to it. Around the world, all rappers have go by their stage names. I picked the name Billy for myself when I first got into the rap scene. But it sounded kind of empty by its own so I thought putting an X at the end would mean to be figured out later. Although, as you guys would’ve figured out by now that it kind of got stuck and I never got the opportunity to change it. Perhaps, it was destiny.

Q5: What was your debut song?
The first song I ever put out to the public was called Resident Evil, but the one that actually got me attention was of course Juttni.

Q6: What was your feeling when you released your debut song?
It was surely strange. You are fearful of putting yourself out for the judgement of any one who listens to it but at the same time, you hope that people would admire and like your creation.

Q7: Who helped you in music industry?
I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my best friend and manager, Danish Imtiaz. Of course there were many other names along the way who supported my music and passion but hands down, without Danish in my corner and without his guidance and help, I wouldn’t be as you know me today.

Q8: What are your future plans for music?
My music is evolving and kind of spreading beyond rap. There will always be that hiphop flavour in my music but people should expect some different tunes coming from me including some HOUSE & PARTY MUSIC.

Q9: What message you want to give to new artists?
It’s always been the same. Keep focusing on your art and practice to be the best at what you do. Set yourself high goals. Doing music should be about doing music. If it’s for petty purposes like scoring chicks, don’t expect much of an outcome.

Q10: Anything you want to say for your fans?
This is the phase of my career where I dearly need my fans to believe in me, support me in my evolution as an artist and grow with me as I cross new barriers and enter into new horizons of music, lyrics and song writing. CHEERS!