Eric Salazar

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2019)

1974: Eric Salazar, aka Phidippus, is conceived then born shortly after.
1984: Plays first instrument, the autoharp.
1985: Joins a break dancing troop.

1986: Dad buys Amiga 1000. ‘Sampled’ music discovered.
1990: Gets hands on an Ensoniq EPS-16+ sampling workstation and proceeds to make bad music.
1998: CD EP, “Voluptuous”, released. After receiving a demo copy, the staff of Peter Gabriel’s record label enjoy the CD as they write memos.
1999: Produces remixes for New Vision Recordings and other labels in the UK.
2000: Mercedes, Smirnoff and other companies license Eric’s music to promote their products.
2001: Launches New Vision America, a record label. After three singles are released, the label dies a quiet death.
2005: Scores the best selling game, “Belle’s Beauty Boutique”. What? Its cute.
2009: Releases full length CD, “ES: When I was Emptyhead 1997-2007”. The CD goes on to receive airplay in major markets and commendations from the press, including such publications as Knowledge and XLR8R.
2011: Remixes artists such as The B-52s, Summer Channel and Information Society.
2013: Launches Jumping Spider Records.