Emraan Hashmi Will Write A Book for Cancer Awareness

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2015)

The serial kisser of bollywood is now officially going to become the writer but he will not write any movie or story but Emraan Hashmi will write a book for cancer awareness.

imran-hashmi-will-write-book-on-canerAccording to latest bollywood news Emraan Hashmi told about the book that purpose for writing this book is about the disease  treatment of cancer to the family members of the patient. His book will cover these two topic completely. When his own son was suffered from cancer, Emraan Hashmi was in hospital with his wife.

Emraan Hashmi will also write about the food for patient of cancer in this book and will also provide awareness. For this he had made a proper scientific research and also took help from a popular indian books writer “Syed Hussain Zaidi”.

It should be reminded that two years ago his own son was suffered from cancer but after the treatment in america now he is fine.


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