Dubai woman pretends to be film maker for name and fame and defrauds people

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

Who doesn’t love the media and the limelight it offers? Most of us love to follow our favourite celebrities and fantasize about meeting them some day.

Some of us even manage to enter the industry and make a name for ourselves on the basis of genuine talent and hard work.

But there are some handful of them who would go to any extent just to get attention and fame. One such person is Dubai based, so called Indian ‘independent film maker’ Ayesha Zaki.

I only came across this woman when some of my known contacts had been approached by her for some film and music video projects.

On initial background check, I only found some very strange work references and no solid reputation around this person apart from some random fashion events, short films and out dated website. I did find her active on Tiktok haha (obviously).

The funny thing is, she claims to have a fashion background (again, looking at her work it is quite mediocre) and is now aiming a career in film direction in her bid to gain fame and popularity.

Just have a look at her interview here and decide for yourself if she has any real knowledge in fashion field :

Her website is also obsolete and does not say much.

She is also known to get her work done for free or next to nothing and drops in lot of big names and makes several tall claims so as to add credibility to her words so she can easily take advantage of naive and unsuspecting talent, crew and other film professionals.

Recently she’s made a short film by using many talented people obviously through clever networking and manipulation.

Here is a screenshot of her very tall claim of this film being screened in a Hollywood festival. This is very openly available for all to see on her FB profile:

On further investigation we found out that her film was never screened in Raleigh Studios! It was only a selection and not a nomination.

It’s sad to see how she twisted facts and made false claims and is trying to fool innocent people.

Many people who have worked with her or have claimed she comes across an extremely sweet and simple person but in reality she is very manipulative and a compulsive liar and a very big gossip monger, as far as those who know her real side are concerned.

Few months ago, there even was news of an attempted suicide by one of the persons who had worked with her because she played dirty and interfered in her personal life, thereby causing her extreme stress and trauma.

For News link Click here

Before this she even harassed the poor person and some of her film crew and defamed them for no reason.

After using this persons contacts and influence, she went ahead and defamed her on social media and drove her to attempt suicide.

She also is very good at defrauding well meaning people and using them for forwarding her personal agenda. She mis uses other people designs by giving her label ‘Ashkan fashions’ which in reality does not belongs to her perhaps they are just for the sake of pictures on the instagram and site.

We hope she is brought to task soon and that she does not harm more people.

So guys, please be careful if you hear about this woman and many like her and do not fall for random claims to fame and how they could help you – most probably they need something from you and will also not pay you for it.

Not only that, they will also be ready to jump and steal your credit and leave you with nothing.