DrAssenator’s New Album “Future Classic” is Arrived

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2016)

DrAssenator’s New Album “Future Classic” is Arrived, Talks About Friendships, Ups & Downs, Grandmother, College Dropouts & Hip-Hop & More. His debut album Future Classic contains 11 songs and all of them represents real hiphop. Today I am going to share all songs from DrAssenator’s debut album but before that I want to tell you thing more that he did every thing of the album by himself and he is the first ever artist who released album in such a young age.

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DrAssenator’s New Album “Future Classic” is Arrived

Future Classic Songs List:

We have already shared the track list of future class album which you can read in one of our previous article. However here I am going to share songs from Future Classic and I am pretty sure every single song will make you amazed (Sachi yaqeen karo)

Listen Future Classic Album on Patari.pk

So, here is the full album on patari, make sure to support him by sharing his work on social media.

Future Classic by Assenator on Itunes:

You can get your legal copy of full album or any single from itunes.

If you are android user then you can easily buy his album from Google play by clicking here. If you don’t have credit card then you can buy it from taazi.com by clicking here.

Final Words:

So, in this article I have shared the all songs of Future Classic album by DrAssenator and I ask you to support him by buying legally from itunes, playstore, or taazi.com because there is a lot of hard work behind this album. And now it’s our turn to support him by buying it legally!