Drama by Danjul (Song Review)

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2022)

After a long time, we’re back again with the review of a song called Drama by our very own Danjul. Before we review the song, check out the details song.

Drama Song Details

Song: Drama
Released: 11/24/21
Distributed by: Bentleyrecords
Produced by: Nathan Bankston & Connor Weinstein
Written by: Danjul

Drama Song Review

So, finally, here we’re sharing the review of the song. When for the very first time I played this song, it sounded catchy to my ears, then I played the song on repeat at least five times. Literally, I got addicted to the song, from lyrics to the vocals and music composition, everything is perfect. One thing I can say about this track is whoever gonna listen the Drama by Danjul, he gonna be addicted to the song.

Now further we’re about to review the song in three parts i.e lyrics, vocals, and music composition.

Lyrics: As You already know that lyrics of the song are penned down by Danjul, and he has provided his 100% for the lyrics. That’s the one of reasons why I got addicted to the song.

Vocals: Now come to the most important part of the song i.e vocals, Danjul justified the vocals part as he did with the lyrics. The vocals are so soothing that one would feel so relaxing and pappy.

Music Composition: Music is one of the important parts of the song, it can make song sounds great or worst, but in the case of drama by danjul, the music directors played their role by heart. The music composition of the song is on the point. In short, if I say everything in the song is perfect then it would be true.

You can listen to drama by danjul in below media player and don’t forget to support the artist by buying the song from iTunes etc by clicking here.

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