I Don’t Have Any Inspiration: Slazanger the Rapper

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2017)

Today we have Slazanger the Rapper for exclusive interview. In this interview you will get to know a lot of things about him. So, here we go;

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I don't have any inspiration :  Slazanger the Rapper

Q: First of all we want to say welcome to you.
1:Pleasure to be with you Guy’s.First of all shout out to you Guy’s. The way team MuzEnt is working back to back for music promoting,It’s very awesome and The way you people are dropping new boys on screen through your site and all social media stuff is dedicating.I can introduce my self in one line:”Mein logon ki beats par apni shayari arz karta hon,Log kehtay hain yeh tou Rap Hai”.

Q: How did you come into music industry?
2:That’s a little bit hard to explain. I am not a rapper I’m a street poet.Before Getting in College life,I wrote my thought’s,Expressions on a blank paper.When I started my college life,The first rapper I deeply heard was Bohemia.I feel that Bohemia is conveying his thoughts his feelings through out the desihiphop scene and World.I felt that time I should also bring up my paper work in form of audio.I start recording my stuff on my PC mic not a pro one.

Q: Who was your inspiration for music?
3:Well,I don’t have any inspiration.I’ve a list of favourite rapper.Cuz in hiphop scene when you got some inspiration, You have to follow him.Then,A bunch of rappers pointed towards you and says that you are copying flow and rhymes of your inspiration.I listen to all those rapper who are lyrically strong.It’s not necessary that you must record with pro mic and buy costly paid music.

Q: What is the name of your debut song?
4:My debut content was a free style verse.

Q: Say something about your musical journey?
5:I haven’t met any mainstream artist till now cuz it’s my hobby not my profession.But the rest of people I met in my journey were perfect to powered me up in hiphop scene.

Q: Who helped you most in your journey? Who gave you pieces of advice?
6:Not many artist but artist like Wiki Rana,Aq47,DJ Hash X.Preet Gaheer is an upcoming mainstream edm and hiphop musicians producer from india gave me a lot of advice regarding flow and delivery. Shout out to Him.

Q: What do you do now a days?
7:Well,I’m Studing Information Technology and Writing some stuff for you people.

Q: Let us know something about your future projects.
8:Yeah!There is a track called “PARDES”. Prod by Sez.Iam thinking to drop its lyrical video in this month or may be next month.I will wrote something good for you people in future.

Q: What is your message to your fans?
9:Message to my fans is that best is yet to come.

Q: Any message for new artist?
10:I have a message that don’t relate your self with any other artist.Be creative.Write your own content.Don’t wait for a platform that powered up your content.Drop it on screen by yourself.You should introduce your self through a platform like MuzEnt.So,The world can know that who you are.
Big S/0 to Team MuzEnt.